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Report Reveals One in Three Tenants Reports Mold Returning After Housing Authority Repairs

When a landlord or homeowner undertakes mold damage restoration, they are trying to fix a potentially dangerous condition. Some wonder about can you get sick from black mold, but most healthy people do not. Mold and mildew can aggravate other conditions, though, like asthma. A mother of a newborn also might wonder can you get […]


State Proposal Adresses Issue of Absenteeism in Schools

School absences have been shown to have a strong correlation with test grades and drop-out rates. The more absences students have, the more likely they are to have lower grades on tests and to drop out of school. Keeping track of student absences can help address these issues on a large scale — something New […]


Seafood Fraud as Lucrative as It Is Pervasive

How sure are you that your tuna sandwich is really 100% tuna? Sure, that’s exactly what the can promised, but seafood fraud — the illegal practice of substituting one species of seafood for another — is a growing problem in the United States thanks, in large part, to a shrinking number of federal investigators. Seafood […]


Nissan Will Relaunch ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ as Legal Battles Continue

Three years ago, Nissan was awarded an exclusive contract by New York City to build a “taxi of tomorrow” to replace the city’s hodgepodge fleet. But the rollout has been plagued with legal challenges from the start, and it’s unclear if Nissan will be able to salvage the deal. Nissan is indicating that it will […]


Will and Kate Meet America’s Royal Couple During New York Visit

During Prince William and wife Kate Middleton’s highly publicized whirlwind visit to the U.S. this week, the royal couple spent Monday night taking in all that New York City had to offer. After a day filled with visits to the White House and the World Bank in Washington, D.C. for Prince William, and to a […]

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Cuomo Announces Plans for $18.7 Million Weather Detection System in NYS After Buffalo’s Surprise Snowstorm

Just days after Governor Andrew Cuomo spent a week in Buffalo, NY to help his state with snow removal and flood prevention programs, Cuomo released plans to create a weather monitoring system for NYS that would, reportedly, be even more accurate than the National Weather Service (which he blamed for giving an inaccurate prediction before […]