NYCIP is your leading source for NYC News. Learn about events, fashion, entertainment, and other topics that are affecting the people of NYC and people across the U.S.

New York City Independent Press (NYCIP) is the place to checkout for news covering NYC and we also cover national news stories. We are very passionate about the news, and we make it our top priority to provide you with relevant information, covering a number of topics, such as entertainment, the arts, fashion, food, events happening in NYC, and more! We were all journalists in high school and in college, and many of us were English majors in college too.

Our inspiration for this website came from the fact that we love New York City, and most of us are native New Yorkers from NYC. NYCIP strives to bring you important news about NYC, and we provide you with insights about what’s happening across the U.S. when it comes to events, politics, the arts, etc. We want to be your primary source for news, and our goal is to update you, so that you’re in the loop! Follow NYCIP for news on fascinating topics, such as fashion, food, arts and entertainment. We aim to cover news that’s affecting people across the United States, and we provide you with news that has a large impact over people living in or visiting New York City.

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