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NYPD Officer Arrested on Suspicion of DUI During Winter Storm Juno

An off-duty NYPD officer was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence during the storm that was expected to be a historic blizzard Monday night. According to the Washington Times, Joseph Mcauliffe was arrested after he crashed into another vehicle around 10pm. In the United States, driving under the influence refers to operating a […]

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New York Libraries Give Out 10,000 High-Speed Hotspots to City’s Poor

Ten-thousand New York City residents can now access the Internet without fuss. In an unprecedented move, the New York Public Library (NYPL) has given out 10,000 high-speed, state-of-the-art hot spots to some of the city’s least fortunate residents. Working alongside Mobile Beacon, a Rhode Island-based, nonprofit national provider of low-cost Internet services and telecommunications company […]


NYPD Officer Injured in Cruiser Hood Riding Accident

A NYPD officer was hospitalized last week after flying from the hood of a moving police cruiser. The incident occurred in Brooklyn, and the officer suffered a severe head injury after falling to the pavement. Though the officers first claimed that the injured officer had fallen out of a non-moving vehicle, according to the New York […]

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Clinic Where Joan Rivers Went Into Cardiac Arrest Given 2 More Months to Improve Standards

Federal regulators announced Jan. 15 that they will give Yorkville Endoscopy, the Manhattan clinic where Joan Rivers went into cardiac arrest, until March 2 to correct problems and retain its federal accreditation. This is a reversal of a decision publicized just the week before, in which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said that […]


NYC Health Officials Report Minor Outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease in Bronx Housing Complex

If you don’t live in New York City, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of something called Legionnaires’ disease. If you do live in NYC, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Legionnaires’ for the very first time at some point within the past month. According to the New York City Health Department, there was a […]


Sex, Drugs, and Defecation: What a Judge Has to Say About a Former NYC Investment Banker’s Scandalous Divorce

One rich Manhattan couple’s nasty public divorce has drawn the ire of a judge — because their children can read the details on the internet. Sage Kelly, a former investment banker with Jeffries, and his estranged wife, Christina Di Mauro, created quite the scandal when some of their divorce papers became public and revealed the […]


Bone Broth Newest Health Food Trending in New York City

The human body contains 206 bones — 25% of them in the feet, 10% in the head and 16% in the spine — but it’s not these bones that trendy New Yorkers are looking to for better health and better looks. “[A] growing contingency of sleek-bodied New Yorkers insist that the secret to good looks […]


Self Storage Start Ups Offer Hassle Free Storage in the Big Apple With a Digital Twist

In the City That Never Sleeps, New Yorkers must contend with tight living spaces; yet they also enjoy the convenience of being able to have just about anything delivered right to their residences. Inspired by these facts of life in the big city, entrepreneurs have created a new business model for schlep-free self-storage: empty bins […]

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Poll Shows Majority of Pennsylvanians Support Same-Sex Marriage

According to recent poll results, the overall attitude regarding gay marriages in the state of Pennsylvania has shifted dramatically over the past decade — which seems fitting, as Pennsylvania news stations note that one of the top stories of 2014 pertains to a judge who steadily advocated for gay marriages throughout 2013, ultimately leading to […]


East Hampton’s Utility Poles Create Eyesores, Soil Contamination Issues for Town

After a Dec. 5 law passed in East Hampton, NY, the extra utility poles left over from last year’s upgrade were finally removed. But the problems with the poles haven’t ended just yet. Residents of the town and village of East Hampton complained that the extra poles ruined the village’s aesthetic. As a result, the […]