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Bride-To-Be Cancels Wedding After Uncomfortable Prenup, Throws Kids Fancy Party Instead

After refusing to sign a prenuptial agreement, a would-be bride from New York City found a better way to use her wedding venue.

According to Inquisitr, a wedding that included a reception at Harold Pratt House, a luxurious venue located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, was canceled after an uncomfortable prenup agreement.

A prenup could be deemed void by a court if evidence documented any discussion about the agreement six months prior to the wedding. Yiru Sun decided just two months before her wedding that it wasn’t going to work out. Sun learned that her future husband was not turning out to be what she had wanted.

When asked about the prenup, the New York Post reports that Sun wouldn’t give too much detail. “I don’t want to sign things I don’t feel comfortable with,” Sun said. So, after he presented her with an uncomfortable prenup, she decided against marriage and canceled the wedding.

What she did next shows how to make a bad situation for yourself into a good situation for someone else.

She was initially frustrated — as anyone would be — because her dream wedding would not be happening and she had already put $8,000 down for a deposit. She then had the idea to use her big day to help out others.

Sun wanted to turn her failed wedding day into a fairy tale for less-fortunate children. Sun used the $8,000 Harold Pratt House deposit to host a wonderful event for kids.

“At that moment,” Sun said, “I started to think it was God’s plan. I cannot be the princess of my wedding day, but I can give the kids a fairy tale.”

She spent all of her wedding funds to help poor families around NYC and gave them a chance to enjoy a high-class luxurious meal that was supposed to be eaten by her wedding guests.

There were plenty of activities that kids took part in as well, including face painting, balloons, and even ice pops.

“It’s special because this lady canceled a special day for her family and herself just for little kids to have fun,” said a 10-year-old girl who attended the classy and fun-filled event. “And she brought ice pops.”