Check Out This Gorgeous Pearl River Upright Piano!

This refurbished Pearl River piano is an excellent example of the renovation of a 1996 piano for sale, and pianos from 1996 are not particularly old. Upright pianos are easy to refurbish because they are smaller and fit into smaller spaces, but their smaller size generally means that they give up power.

Upright pianos are sometimes referred to as “honky tonk” pianos because of their historical association with piano bars. “Honky tonk” specifically refers to the tone, however, of a slightly detuned piano, which is associated with piano bars because of the establishment spending less money on maintenance.

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In a piano refurbishment, the finish on the piano will be refreshed and sometimes changed in color, as classic piano black has gone a bit out of fashion in recent years. Additionally, any piano over 10 years old will need to be cleaned out because they are typically filthy inside.

Refurbishing a piano for sale is an essential function for any piano store, and a 1990s Pearl River is an excellent example of a piano to refurbish because the compact size of the upright pianos of that era makes them an easy piece of furniture to incorporate into a home.