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Electric Toothbrushes and Smart Devices Are Great, But Shades Are the Perfect Holiday Gift

The holiday season is in full effect and millions of people across the country are scurrying around malls and shopping centers, browsing Amazon wish lists, and buying all sorts of gift cards and candies.

Some of the most popular holiday purchases so far this year have been DNA testing kits, instant pot multicookers, L.L. Bean boots, video game consoles, and, what is being referred to as “the Cadillac of toothbrushes,” smart electric toothbrushes. The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day in order to prevent cavities, which 20% of Americans currently have — electric toothbrushes are the perfect gift for this year’s holiday season.

Although smart dental products and other electronics are great for the people in your life, there is another product that’s gaining some traction this season that not everyone considers: sunglasses. Though we’re right in the middle of the winter and sunglasses aren’t exactly the snowy accessory of choice, a nice pair of shades can be a fantastic gift for just about anyone.

Polaroid sunglasses have been offering protection from the sun’s dangerous UV rays since 1936. Before then, tinted shades were worn that only reduced the glare of sunlight exposure to the eyes, offering very little protection. Polarized shades aren’t just for eye safety, however, they can provide a sense of style and even make powerful fashion statements.

Here are some of the greatest and most stylish sunglasses to consider purchasing for the holidays:

  • Ray-Ban Clubmasters — These shades have the ability to make anyone look cool, which can be difficult for many of us. They are very light, but at the same time are quite sturdy and are scratch- and shatter-resistant. Though Ray-Ban is known for their Aviator and Wayfarer designs, the Clubmasters offer a refreshing, stylish, and modern look.
  • Oakley GasCan — Oakley has been working on creating extremely strong and durable shades, and the GasCan series is the perfect example. The lenses are cut from the curve of polycarbonate lens panes and are great for athletics, running, and driving.
  • ATTCL Polarized Driving Sunglasses — These shades are incredibly stylish. They offer excellent protection from the sun’s UV rays. And they work well in virtually any setting, pairing nicely with any outfit. Further, they are much more affordable than the majority of awesome shades on the market. You can find these sunglasses in a wide range of different colors for as little as $22.
  • Costa x Bureo’s Pescador — What happens when a skateboard company (Bureo) partners with a sunglasses manufacturer (Costa)? An awesome pair of shades is produced. Though a pair of these Pescadors is a little more expensive, they are made entirely from sustainable materials, come equipped with high-end lenses, and have full 400 nanometer (nm) UV protection.

Whether you’re buying for a spouse or family member or just want to give your nephew a nice gift this holiday season, consider some of these awesome shades — and watch the people in your life start looking much, much cooler.