How’s Life for the Other Taylor Swifts of the World?


It’s hard to go anywhere nowadays without hearing the name Taylor Swift. The 24-year-old country-turned-pop starlet just released the fastest-selling album since 2002, and is experiencing a huge surge in popularity, gracing the covers of magazines including People and Time.

Taylor Swift’s face is everywhere, her music is everywhere, and her name is everywhere. Which is great, if you’re thatTaylor Swift. But imagine being another innocent American, trying to go about your business, while having the misfortune of also being named Taylor Swift?

For Taylor M. Swift, a 27-year-old woman who runs events at the Grand Hyatt in New York, it’s been a bit of a running joke over the years.

“The first time I saw her was in Abercrombie in a big, huge poster spread. It was her with a guitar, and it said “Aspiring artist Taylor Swift,” and it was her at, like, 14,” says Taylor M. Swift. “When I saw that I got a picture with a disposable camera with my dad. We still have it to this day. I said, ‘If this chick gets famous, I’m screwed.'”

Well, “aspiring artist Taylor Swift” has since done pretty well for herself, which has caused some inconveniences for Taylor M. Swift. Facebook removed her personal page, because they thought she was an impersonator, and she had to send them three forms of I.D. before they would reinstate it.

With an average of 180 marriages per day in New York City, it’s likely that Taylor M. Swift is meeting a lot of enamored “fans” in the events business.

“Little girls really like to meet me. I had a client the other day who was like, ‘Oh my gosh, my daughter saw your name on my email chain and she just went ballistic! Is there any way you could actually meet her?’ She was so stoked! Her mom took a picture of us. It’s just really, really funny with little kids. They get into it.”

But there is about to be one fewer Taylor Swift in the world very soon, as Taylor M. Swift is getting married in May.

“As one could imagine, I am completely ecstatic to be getting rid of my name. My new name will be Taylor Born.… Will I hyphenate the name? No! God, no. I can’t wait to get rid of it.”

It could be worse, as the less-famous Swift realizes. Of all of the celebrities, either famous or infamous, to share a name with, America’s Sweetheart is not a bad lot.

“If I had to have a celebrity name, thank God it’s the one it is. Taylor M. Swift says, “She’s pretty wholesome. She’s stayed out of trouble. It could be worse. It could be Amanda Bynes. It could be Lindsay Lohan.”

Despite any trouble the famous Swift may have caused her over the years, Taylor M. Swift would still be thrilled to meet her one day.

“I would freak out! I would say, ‘Dude, you are literally the talk of the town in my life all the time.’ She is! I can’t go, like, a day without getting crap for it. I’m sure we’d have a good laugh over it. It’d be awesome if I met her.”