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Krispy Kreme Donut Truck Engulfed In Flames, Police Mourn In Viral Picture

It seems that news involving the police hasn’t been all too positive over the last few years. The fact does remain that most police officers are there to serve and protect public well-being. Often regarded as overly serious people in uniform, sometimes a little humor can go a long way. This is especially true with social media.

Twitter has millions of users on their platform. Twitter has removed 70 million bot accounts since May, which surpasses one million suspicious accounts per day. Those fake accounts generate false news meant to deceive the public, but there are millions more that serve both information and smiles.

A Police Department in Kentucky took their service to the next level by making the internet smile. The longstanding police stereotype around donuts is undeniable. Whether or not you think the image is offensive or light-hearted, you must admit that it’s there and not leaving any time soon. So, when the fire department and police department in Lexington, Kentucky arrived at the scene of a Krispy Kreme truck engulfed in flames, they had a little fun.

With a history of cheeky camaraderie between fire and police professionals, it was the idea of the fire department that the police post a picture of them mourning in front of the now extinguished donut truck. So they did. In a picture that shows a police officer with head bowed, hand over eyes, the caption reads “no words” punctuated by a sobbing emoji. The driver of the van was uninjured, but the inferno immolated more than a couple of the round confections.

The tweet swiftly went viral and they received an outpouring of support from law enforcement agencies across the world. Unbothered by the affixed stereotype, police personnel kept up with the joke as other donut dispensaries offered their support. Krispy Kreme, eager to hop onto the wave of the viral post, offered the police force “consolation donuts” to ease their pain.

“Hope,” the police department tweeted.

Their hope was quickly realized. Soon after, a brand new Krispy Kreme truck, escorted by four flashing police cruisers, delivered 20 dozen fresh donuts to the police department and was met with the grateful sounds of applause.