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Marvel Legend Stan Lee Passes At 95

The much-beloved creator and writer of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, passed away at age 95. He was known for creating such heroes as Iron Man, Thor, X-Men, Spider-Man, and more.

Lee also served as the editor-in-chief, chairman, and publisher of Marvel Comics. In his later years, he made multiple cameo appearances in Marvel films much to the delight of countless fans.

Lee was renowned for his inclusive work, particularly with the X-Men, who denounced racism and highlighted the importance to accept all people.

But Lee’s legacy wasn’t all ‘Fantastic.’ He was accused of sexual misconduct along with countless others since the dawn of the #MeToo movement in April 2017. He was also tied up in a legal battle with advisors whom he claimed were taking advantage of his old age to drain him financially. While the average life expectancy is 78.8 years old in the U.S., Lee was almost twenty years older at age 95.

But the good Lee did for the comic world was undeniable. He brought to life hundreds of characters and crafted entire universes that spanned multiple generations of fans.

Many celebrities who have worked with Lee paid him homage on social media. Even comic competitor, DC Comics, offered their respects.

Hugh Jackman, the star of X-Men who played Wolverine in nine different Marvel films, recently paid tribute to Lee in an interview with MTV News. The actor noted that Lee was always amazed at the impact Marvel had on fans.

“I was really taken back by how relaxed and happy and I got the sense of a man who had become a god within a subculture and this subculture had become mainstream and at age 75, getting respect and adulation,” said Jackman.

“Movie studios, everybody was courting them, and you just got the sense that he’s a kid in the candy store who still loves it. He’s like a kid. He was just really warm. Like, he would turn up to do all those cameos, thinking, ‘This is the greatest, I’m in an X-Men movie, they’re bringing this stuff that’s been in my head and on the page, they’re bringing it to life.'”

Lee was buried in a private funeral among close family and friends on November 16.