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More U.S. Police Departments Announce Participation Plans For No Shave November

Despite the fact that it’s quickly getting much colder, Americans still love spending time outdoors. In total, there were 11 billion outdoor outings among Americans, average 76.5 outings per person throughout 2016. Hunters, fishers, campers, hikers — what do all these outdoor enthusiasts have in common? Their love of beards.

Beards have always been a part of the outdoor recreation industry. But throughout the next few weeks, office workers will look like lumberjacks, schoolteachers will have mangy beards, and even police officers, who typically are forbidden from growing too much facial hair, will don powerful beards all month long.

No Shave November is here once again!

Sadly, cancer remains an epidemic across the U.S. Vocal cord cancer alone is diagnosed 10,000 times each year in the United States. Thankfully, there are plenty of law enforcement agencies that are doing all they can to fight back against this horrible disease. Seemingly every day, more and more police departments across the country are announcing their plans to participate in this year’s No Shave November, a campaign aimed at stirring up healthy conversations and raising cancer awareness. There are only two rules for No Shave November: grow a beard and don’t take care of it. According to a Statista survey, 18% of respondents reported using beard care products every day. Though participants are still encouraged to keep their beards clean and looking relatively nice, they shouldn’t spend too much time tending to their facial hair.

Here are some of the recent law enforcement departments that will participate in the annual No Shave November event:

Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office, Iowa

KCRG reports that the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office will be participating in the month-long event to not only raise cancer awareness, but to raise money for charity, as well. This year’s proceeds will go to Kaden’s Kloset.

“No Shave November was originally established to honor and raise funds for cancer treatment and research, but having supported those outlets in the Cedar Valley, we decided to branch out this year,” said Sheriff Tony Thompson. “Kaden’s Kloset provides ‘First night bags’ for children being removed from difficult home settings and our deputies and staff see the impacts of these situations first hand. We are extremely pleased to be able to support the efforts of Kaden’s Kloset.”

Ocean City Police Department, New Jersey

According to the Cape May County Herald, Ocean City PD, in conjunction with Ocean City PBA Local number 61, will forgo shaving throughout November, as well. The department will be joining the rest of the law enforcement agencies in South Jersey to raise money and awareness for Rich Burrows. Rich Burrows, who grew up in the area and is a member of the National Guard Unit — 253rd Transportation Company and served overseas in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In August of 2018, Rich was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. The Ocean City Police Department has Rich’s back throughout November and beyond.

Topsfield Police Department, Massachusetts

Oxford Wicked Local adds that the Topsfield Police Department is participating in the No Shave November movement, as well. Officers will retain from shaving all month in support of Home Base, which is a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital program that aims to support veterans and military families. Each participating officer will donate or fundraise $100 for Home Base.

“The only wish I have is that we give the gift of hope to all the veterans who don’t believe reintegration is possible,” said Kurt Power, Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient who sought care at Home Base. “Hope to the approximately 20 veterans a day that may give up tomorrow. If I can convince just one person who needs help to listen to me and put their trust in the treatment at Home Base, this will all be worth it.”