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New York City Spas Now Offering Skin Rejuvenation Year Round for Some Steep Membership Fees

Spa therapy for woman receiving facial mask
For most people, one workout isn’t good enough to stay active, so they eat right, get plenty of sleep and join a fitness club. And a social club may be the right solution for those who regularly attend parties and other high profile events.So why wouldn’t the club approach work for skin care? At some spots in New York City, that’s exactly what the rich and beautiful need to keep up that young, healthy glow and acne-free appearance.

One such club is the Dangene Institute at the Core Club. The company’s founder, Dangene Enterprise, explains that skin care goals “simply cannot be achieved through one-off facials,” so members need to think long-term for their skin care routines.

Those who want to subscribe to the Dangene Institute’s ways of skin care can select membership packages that range from $5,400 per year for basic treatments all the way to $39,000 for intense daily treatments. These include non-laser skin rejuvenation to renew skin quality, eliminate growths and skin tags, and laser facials that stimulate collagen to reduce fine lines and sunspots.

If $39,000 is a bit high, New York’s denizens can head to the Erno Laszlo Institute in Soho for a yearly membership of just $5,000 for unlimited treatments. Upgrading to the $8,000 Hollywood package, however, will add in a car service and complimentary passes for friends.

It’s not only women who are receiving these treatments. In 2013, women had more than 10.3 million cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-invasive, representing 90.6% of the total performed that year. Yet some dermatologists and doctors are also seeing more men come to them for injectables, laser treatments, and other treatments that help them improve their appearance.

One New York City dermatologist, Doris Day, remarked that these new treatments allow men to discreetly change their looks. “Because there are no lasting surgical scars, men can now discreetly improve their appearance, and that has had a strong impact in driving them in to the office to explore options,” Day said.