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Not Relying on Rent Control in New York City? Check Out These Ridiculously Lavish Apartments

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Squash courts, dog spas and lavish outdoor terraces: for those who can afford it in New York City, renting a luxury condominium is the way to go.

Curbed.com released a list of some of the most lavish condo rentals in New York City, and they’re sure to receive competing offers from one-percenters.

Filed under the category of “Ridiculous Amenity Alert,” the buildings contain a number of lavish extras for tenants.

    • MiMa, in the “Middle of Manhattan,” has an outdoor movie projection, several spots to work out, and a dog spa.
    • New York by Gehry features the ubiquitous gyms and spas that so many other buildings have, but it also has family friendly children’s playroom and a “Tweens’ Den.” The building also has spa treatment rooms for massages and other services; that’s likely an in-demand amenity, given how many other buildings have them and given how many Americans receive massages (about 15% or 32.6 million adults did last year).
    • Aldyn is another building perfect for sports-minded New Yorkers, with everything from a golf simulator to squash courts in its own Aldyn Athletic Club.
    • Gotham West features its own yoga studio, an art gallery, a children’s playroom, and a bike valet — whatever that is; its lower floor contains the Gotham West Market, with restaurants, a coffee bar, and a grocery store, so tenants never have to leave.

In fact that’s how most of the buildings seem designed. They offer as many amenities as possible so that tenants — and their money — can stay in one place.

Listings like these come just as rent control regulations in New York City are expiring.

Come Monday, June 15, regulations that keep landlords from driving up rent prices and doing away with rent control will no longer be in effect, leaving thousands of New Yorkers vulnerable.

Senior citizens are especially worried about the change, as many are on fixed incomes and just barely able to afford their rents already.

Carlyle Bernard, a 70-year-old renter living in Crown Heights, worries that his $925 apartment rent could double when the regulations expire.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office said that two million people in New York live in one million rent-regulated apartment units. Around 250,000 of those units house senior citizens, who have lived there for an average of 23 years on a median income of $24,000 — 30% of which goes to paying their rent.

Advocates for tenants’ rights say that there’s nothing to fear and that renters still have legal protections.