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NYC’s ResQWalk Releases New Fundraising App to Help Homeless Animals

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After a successful $20,000 crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, ResQWalk, a New York City-based animal charity foundation, has released a new mobile app. The ResQWalk app allows users to walk while using it, earning funds for their favorite animal rescues based on how much distance they travel. Not only will this help people get healthier using their favorite mobile devices, it also means overworked, underfunded animal rescues will have another source of donations they can rely on.

In an interview with technology website Techie Insider, Bailey Schroeder, Founder and CEO of ResQWalk, noted that all of the Indiegogo money will go towards the first two months worth of donations ResQWalk uses to fund animal rescues throughout the country. Between now and the time those funds run out, sometime around the end of August, ResQWalk hopes to have made deals with corporate sponsors and other private individuals to keep money in the coffers. The company will also run a shop through the app to generate revenue. The app is currently available on all iOS devices, with the company expected to release an Android version by the end of the summer.

The Homeless Animal Population in the United States Remains Incredibly High
The ResQWalk app comes at a time when homeless animal populations have reached unsustainable levels. According to the most recent statistics from DoSomething.org, homeless animals in the United States outnumber dogs and cats with homes by five to one. Because most animal rescues cannot afford to keep a large animal population for longer than a few weeks or months, they’re often forced to euthanize many who were placed under their charge for safekeeping. At last glance, 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year by animal shelters nationwide.

Technology is an Increasing Part of the Fight for Animals
ResQWalk’s new app is just the latest type of technology animal groups have been using to try and bring awareness to their cause. Increasingly, groups like the World Wildlife Fund and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), use the worldwide web and mobile technology to draw in donations and spread the word. Mobile apps, search engine optimization that can draw in the nine out of 10 online experiences that begin with a search engine, social media campaigns: ResQWalk and other charitable organizations like it have found that the key to saving animals in the real world is tapping into the digital world.

Do you run an animal rescue? Do you think an app like ResQWalk can help you get the funding you need? Share your thoughts in the comments below.