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Tinder Sociologist Reveals the Science Behind the Swipe

Popular dating app Tinder has finally revealed the science behind online dating.
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Tinder pioneered the concept of swiping right or left according to your interest in a user’s profile picture, age, and description. Users swipe left if they do not have interest in the user, and they swipe right if they do. If they both match, they can begin to message each other and the rest is history.

Dr. Jessica Carbino, in-house sociologist for Tinder, revealed to ABC News 7 that there is indeed a science behind swiping right and left.

“Individuals are looking for a lot of different signals and cues when they’re analyzing photographs,” she explained.

Carbino goes on to describe some basics dos and don’ts for posting the right profile picture:

  • Don’t cover up your face with any accessories. This includes hats and sunglasses.
  • Wear something bright and have at least one picture featuring you in a formal outfit.
  • Lastly, and maybe most important of all, smile. Considering 96% of adults agree that an attractive smile makes a person of the opposite sex more appealing, you may increase your chances of getting a match and a message.

Once you’ve agreed to meet up with your Tinder date, you may want to choose a bar and get there early to strike up a connection with the bartender. He or she just may be your back-up plan in case the date goes sour.

According to the New York Daily News, New York helping people escape bad Tinder dates.

“We have this technique in my bar where, if we see someone particularly unhappy on her date, we pawn the guy off on one of our friends or regulars sitting at the bar,” says Chelsea mixologist Mark, 26.

Consider your plan of action for your next Tinder date. Choosing your regular bar could come in handy.