What Are The Best Heavy Duty Hose Clamps?

If you’re looking for the best heavy duty hose clamp to suit your needs, look no further. This video breaks down t-bolt clamps and worm-drive clamps so you can make an informed decision when working on your project. Follow along to learn more!

A worm drive hose clamp can be found in just about in any gas station or home repair store across the nation, whereas the t-bolt is one of the best styles of hose clamp you can buy but harder to find. You can only tighten the worm drive clamp so far, whereas in the exact same size in a t-bolt clamp, you’re able to get them much tighter to help you form a leak-proof seal.

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Each hose clamp can cause a degree of damage to the hose due to the tightening nature of a clamp. By looking at the hose, you can tell if an even distribution of pressure is being put on the house and if it is providing a complete 360 seal or not. You can tell this by checking where any scratches or dents on the hose are.

To tighten a worm drive, you can use a screwdriver, socket, or ratchet whereas for a t-bolt you can only use a ratchet due to how hard it is to tighten. Because the worm drive clamps can be smaller, they’re able to be put in smaller spaces.