Lies That New Home Builders Are Told

In this video, you will learn about new construction. There are some lies that new construction builders might tell you. By watching this video, you can see if some of the things you have been told are lies.

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New home builders might be lying to home buyers. As the home buying season comes around, there are stories of harsh home builders that demanding more money, doing sketchy work, and leaving major loopholes in new construction contracts that only protect the builder and not the home buyer. There are very reputable home builders out there. Do not feel like you can’t trust anyone. However, you want to be weary of the ones who aren’t trustworthy. There are ways to tell the difference. Contracts are good to have with your home builder. Unfortunately, not every state requires a home builder to sign a contract. In fact, many states do not require it. In this case, you will want to write up your own contract. You can find examples of contracts online, or there is one linked below this video. If you are interested in learning more, you should keep watching this video for more information.