DIY Inspiration From the Largest Construction Projects in the US 2023

When considering ideas for your own home improvements, consider drawing inspiration from the largest construction projects in the U.S. 2023 has to offer. In 2022, the major U.S. projects carried the “go big” theme, with major transportation projects and massive manufacturing plants comprising the top 10. In 2023, though, the largest construction projects in the US 2023 revolve around the themes of entertainment, sports, fabulous hotels, and art. Let’s consider these awe-inspiring projects, then the inspiration for home improvement projects that we can draw from them.

2023 Major Construction Projects

Fontainebleau of Las Vegas The new $3.8 billion Fontainebleau 67-story hotel will include gambling, entertainment, and meeting spaces. Due to open in late 2023, the massive luxury hotel will rise above the Las Vegas Convention Center, its next-door neighbor. Sitting at the north end of the storied Las Vegas Strip and covering 25 acres, it contains 3,700 hotel rooms and 550,000 square feet of convention space. The hotel also includes dining and retail options, plus a health and wellness spa.

Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix: You don’t have to spend $240 million on a racetrack to improve your home like the folks at Formula 1 racing will end up spending on constructing the Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix. The fantastic facility will include F1 pits and a paddock for the race named for its facility. In November 2023, the facility hosts its first race, says F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali. Drivers will navigate a 3.80 mile (6.12-kilometer) track with 17 cornering turns, three high-speed straits, and a chicane. Drivers can reach speeds up to 212 mph. The counterclockwise circuit starts in what once formed a parking lot. Renovations transformed it into pits and paddock.

Madison Square Garden SphereThe New York City Madison Square Garden project adds an immersive theater with 17,500 seats to the already impressive concert and sports center. Using the latest technologies and an infusion of $2.8 billion, the theater will host events, including e-sports and corporate parties. The builders will also include residences and original attractions. COVID-19 halted the original construction project in 2020, but it will open in late 2023. The project aims to add a new Wonder of the World, since it will become the largest spherical structure on Earth with a height of more than 100 meters and a width of nearly 160 meters.

Amazon HQ2 Mega-retailer Amazon sank $2.5 billion into the construction of its new headquarters, which has taken three years to complete. The complex at National Landing in Metropolitan Park consists of two 22-story buildings. Besides its massive office buildings, the company’s campus includes a two-acre landscaped courtyard. Amazon’s new headquarters consists of 2.1 million square feet of LEED-certified offices and 50,000 square feet of retail space.

The Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts Renovation Supporters of the fine arts in Arkansas invested $142 million in the renovation of this gem of Little Rock, Arkansas. Re-opening in 2023, the museum’s exterior and interior undergo a major revamp. Project leads Polk Stanley Wilcox, Studio Gang, and SCAPE, an urban design and landscape architecture firm, added a folded plate concrete roof to unify the old and new construction. The museum’s re-opening will reveal the interior changes.

Lawn Irrigation and Fertilization

So, how do you take inspiration from the largest construction projects in the US 2023 offers and apply them to your own home? Let’s start with landscaping your yard and adding irrigation via sprinklers. Fertilize your amazing garden beds with a battery powered spreader and add new ground cover a la Amazon’s new headquarters and its two-acre park. Protect your new irrigation system with hose protectors.

Your yard doesn’t have to offer two acres for it to look beautiful. Consider adding a garden bed in front of colorful blooms that complement your home year round. Add a few trees that grow natively in your state. These choices typically require less water and provide drought-hearty options.

Foundation Stabilization

If you notice cracks or crevices in your home’s concrete slab foundation, consult concrete raising services. Take inspiration from the largest construction projects in the US 2023 offers, the Formula 1 racetrack. It renovated a parking lot into pit areas and other race must-haves, so you can renovation your home’s foundation. It may take house stilts and an infusion of new concrete, but your foundation can work just like new.

You may want to wait until after your excavating contractor finishes their work before you landscape because fixing a foundation requires removing all of the plantings and dirt surrounding a home. Of course, many homes won’t need foundation repair. You can still draw inspiration from the Formula 1 project though.

A New Driveway

Add a new driveway because your vehicle deserves a great pit stop area, just like those speedy Formula 1 vehicles get. A concrete professional, called a mason, can design a unique driveway for your home that features a straightaway, a semi-circular, or a circular drive. Consider adding seashells, pebbles, or other small items to create visual interest in the driveway.

Remember your garage, too. The great protector of your vehicle should get an overhaul. Consider a new door for it to improve security. Don’t worry if you cannot find a door you love because you can have a vinyl wrap made for the door.

A vinyl wrap only costs between $50 to $100, but it revamps the entire door appearance. The beauty of these wraps comes from how easily they install. You can change them seasonally or annually.

Metal Roof Installation

Has your roof neared the age of 15 years? If your home features an asphalt shingle roof, take inspiration from the Arkansas Museum project, one of the largest construction projects in the US 2023 will see. Contact custom fabrication services to create a roof that adds curb appeal, safety, and home value.

You don’t have to replace asphalt shingles with more asphalt shingles. The roofer you hire will need to remove your current roof to replace it, so you can choose any type you like. Metal roofs typically last the longest – up to 50 years. Aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, and copper all offer hearty materials that stand the test of time.

Home Theater

Don’t let the New Yorkers have all the fun in Madison Square Garden! Install a home theater to enjoy the fine arts in your home. Most major home improvement centers and department stores partner with professional audio/visual system installers, so you can schedule an installation when you make your purchase. Choose an oversized flat screen TV with a surround sound system for the best results.

Although you probably wonder where to put all those speakers, the A/V professionals typically mount them on the walls and in the corners of a room. Today’s wireless designs don’t have the morass of cords that the early 2000s systems did. Add some luxury seating to your new Madison Square Garden experience at home.

Shop for a new couch that let’s you cozy up in a number of ways. Modular sofas let you reconfigure their pieces to create a long sofa, loveseat and chair, twin beds, or one large bed. These designs usually consist of modular sofa-style chairs and ottomans that match.

Complete the home theater experience with a gourmet grade popcorn popper and a soda machine. Your family and friends will get a kick out of choosing their soda from a soda fountain. Movie-theater style popcorn at home completes the experience.

Energy Conservation

It’s not all fun and games. Also, take ecological inspiration from the largest construction projects in the US 2023 offers. The Amazon LEED buildings can provide plenty of inspiration for installing your first solar panels system, complete with a battery storage system. Sure, you can use the power generated by a solar panel as it’s created, but saving its excess in batteries makes good sense, so you can draw on the batteries after the sun goes down.

Before installing your solar panels and batteries, contact your local utility provider for an energy audit. Knowing your typical use and which appliances create the largest draw on the system can help you create the right solar power system. If your home does not get much sun, consider adding wind power. A single turbine in the right place can create an immense amount of power.

While you focus on conserving energy, consider replacing older appliances with new, Energy Saver appliances. These new appliances offer much more utility for your dollar than the old ones. You will also save yourself maintenance costs because trying to eek an extra year or two out of any old dryer or dishwasher can end up costing you more money than buying a new one.

Any Project That Brings You Joy

Take one look at the massive Fontainebleau project with its retail, dining, gambling, and spa and draw inspiration for this largest construction projects in the US 2023 offers. What gives you joy could be a spa day each week, so renovate your bathroom to offer an at-home spa experience. Perhaps you love gardening and farming, so attachments for skid steers floats your boat.

Whether you need DEF fluids or new garden gnomes to make you happier, do it. Bring yourself joy by putting in a wall of bookcases in your living room to feature all the books you love. Re-floor you dining room with hardwood floors or install marble for your hallway flooring. Pick a small project and make it happen for yourself.

RV Repairs

We know that there is no RV in the largest construction projects in the US 2023 features, but take inspiration from the Museum project’s unifying roof. Add an awning cover to your RV to spiff it up and block the sun from burning your skin while you enjoy the great outdoors. Taking inspiration from a major construction project does not mean copying it.

Formula 1 makes many people think of tires, so consider wheel repairs for your RV. Your rolling home can take on a race car style with chrome wheels. Add some solar panels to the roof to provide your rolling home with electricity while in motion. Many online stores offer systems designed specifically for RVs, so you can draw inspiration from Amazon’s LEED buildings, too.

Drawing Inspiration from Other Projects

Of course, the average U.S. homeowner won’t copy the largest construction projects in the US 2023 offers. Those projects cost millions to billions of dollars. You only need to spend a little to make a huge impact on your home. Let’s consider a few ideas.

The luxurious Fontainebleau hotel feature fabulous flooring. Perhaps you doubt that you could afford marble flooring or solid hardwood floors, but here’s how to work those awe-inspiring decors into your own home. Instead of going big, go small. Take a small area of your home, such as the hallway or foyer, to update. Every visitor to your home sees these two areas, so upgrading them seemingly upgrades your whole home.

Taking inspiration from the largest construction projects in the US 2023 offers can mean using their color scheme or materials ideas. A foyer might measure four feet by seven or eight feet. That’s just 28 to 32 square feet, so not very much flooring. A single box of 24 inch tiles would more than cover it and would cost very little.

The color scheme from the Amazon offices or Arkansas Museum might inspire you to remodel your living room using those colors. You can find inspiration almost anywhere. Perhaps you visit the Amazon campus and find the fall colors in its park vibrant and eye-catching, so you remodel your kitchen in hues of yellow, red, and gold

Get to it on your own renovation today. You don’t have to spend a lot to make a huge difference in your home. Draw inspiration from major construction projects and enjoy the results. Your home can look as amazing as the Amazon headquarters or Formula 1 raceway with a little work.