How to Make a Universal Custom Power Adapter

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Finding the right power adapter can be a hassle. There are numerous types of outlets and inlets, which calls for owning multiple wires that get tangled or lost if you’re not impeccably organized. This video shows how to make a custom power adapter that will work with anything.

Find an inexpensive adapter with the same wattage and amps as the power connector you use. Cut off the connector from an old power adapter. Do the same with the newer cord. You will find two wires inside if you remove the outer rubber shell.

Grab the two internal wires and strip the outer rubber shell off of them. You want to expose the metal filaments. You don’t need to remove a lot, just have the metal poking out. Next, you will need a cheap plastic connector, as shown in the video.

You then can connect the severed end of the old power connector, and there you have it. You can use this for any other plugs you have. No need to keep track of a tangled mess of cords, just keep the heads stowed away and reach for them when you need.

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