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3 Great Tips For Coping With An Injury and Minimizing Pain

Around 80% of seniors suffer from at least one chronic disease while 68% have two or more — but younger Americans certainly struggle with pain, as well. Workplace injuries happen all the time across the United States. Though outdoor, labor-intensive jobs are the most injury prone, injuries can occur in any career field, at any time, and […]

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Workplace Hazards: NYC Construction Workers Face Training After New Safety Law Passed

It’s no surprise that construction workers face some of the most dangerous workplace hazards out there. From the heavy machinery and tool use to the excessive heights and exposure to the elements, there are a lot of ways a job can go wrong — especially if OSHA standards are violated in favor of speed. New […]

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Measles Outbreak In Texas Could Be A Sign Of A Potential Health Crisis

A measles outbreak in Texas is a major warning sign of a public health calamity, experts say. According to the Houston Chronicle, five cases of measles were reported in the last week in the greater Houston area, making Texas the 11th state to report a measles outbreak in 2019. The five cases were announced Monday, […]


New Study Finds Men More Likely to Be Sensitive to Memories of Pain

Today’s medicine and technology have made diagnosing, treating, and managing medical conditions easier than ever. Tools like cardiac catheterization can help diagnose and treat heart disease along with several other methods for treating other conditions. But when it comes to pain, everyone manages it differently. Vacations and relaxing can actually help with some heart issues. In fact, […]

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European Union Imposes Quota On Steel Imports After Trump Tariffs

The European Union will be curbing its steel imports in response to U.S. steel tariffs. According to Reuters, the EU imposed a quota on low-cost steel imports on Saturday, February 2, to alleviate the concerns of EU steel producers. The two precious metals most often used in jewelry are alloys of silver and gold. Sheet metal […]