Platinum Dominates Runways and Wedding Aisles in Latest Trends

According to a recent publication by the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, platinum jewelry is becoming to the latest trend in designer jewelry, especially with the younger millenial generation. Research shows that millenials tend toward platinum jewelry because it reflects attributes that they want to display; compared to materials like gold and silver, platinum is […]


Misleading Labels, Marketing Result in Lawsuit Against Breyers Ice Cream

A Mount Laurel, N.J. man has recently filed a lawsuit against Unilever, the maker of Breyers ice cream, citing the latter’s labeling and advertising that claimed the ice cream was made from “all natural” ingredients in a “false, misleading, inaccurate and deceptive” manner. According to a July 25 NorthJersey.com article, Yosh Jefferson’s July 16 lawsuit […]


New Jersey Business Bankruptcies and Personal Bankruptcies on the Decline

Throughout the first six months of 2014, the number of people and businesses filing for bankruptcy in New Jersey has dropped significantly. According to a July 15 NorthJersey.com article, the number of businesses that filed for a bankruptcy declined by 15%, with personal bankruptcies such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies declining by about […]


Like Tesla, Honda Hopes to Start a Green Revolution by Opening Green Home Data to the Public

Like electric-only automaker and green technology pioneer Tesla before it, Honda has opened up the data for its green technology to the public. The Honda Smart Home, located in Davis, California, uses specialized building plans, custom green materials, eco-friendly furniture, and a number of other techniques to make it one of the most environmentally and […]


Rochester City School Football Program Gets A Boost From Former NFL Star

NFL star and East High School graduate Roland Williams is showing the city of Rochester what it really means to give back to one’s community. Williams, who also attended Syracuse University before continuing on to becoming a professional athlete, is determined to fix the Rochester City School District’s football program after completing an evaluation this […]


New York City Among the Worst Cities for Drivers, According to New Report from NerdWallet

According to a new report from the popular online finance, education, and health magazine NerdWallet, New York City, the city Alicia Keys calls the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of,” has earned itself the distinction as the worst city in the United States for drivers. The report notes that with the average annual insurance […]


NYPD Prioritizes Cases of Animal Abuse and Neglect, Increases Vigilance

The New York Police Department (NYPD) and the ASPCA have recently partnered to raise awareness and crack down on cases of animal abuse and neglect throughout New York City. According to a July 9 AM New York article, the NYPD and ASPCA held an event at Tompkins Square Park Tuesday, July 8 to encourage the public to […]


New York City Business Community Welcomes an Increasing Number of Israeli Startups

According to CNN, there’s an interesting business trend happening in New York City — about 10 new Israeli startups are joining the community each month. This has been a recent trend. In 2013, When Guy Franklin began working at Israel Mapped in NY, there were approximately 60 such startups in the city. Now, there are […]


New York City Apartment Blaze, Caused by Air Conditioner Cord, Ends in Tragic Death of FDNY Firefighter

A Brooklyn apartment fire ended in tragedy last week, and it turned out that a damaged electrical cord was to blame. The apartment, located in Williamsburg, was a cluttered mess, which neighbors described as “overstuffed” and difficult to enter with too many electronics running at once. The apartment’s owner, Angel Pagan, insisted that his air […]

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Wine Before Root Canals? In New York City Dentists’ Offices, It’s a Reality, and It Might Be Illegal

A visit to the dentist can be scary for some, whether it’s a routine checkup or a major surgery. Two dental practices in New York City, however, is aiming to eliminate that fear in his patients — with wine. Dr. David Janash of Park South Dentistry has begun offering patients a complimentary glass of red […]