Police Posts Wanted Picture, Wanted Man Responds, Turns Himself In

Modern society is rife with the ups and downs of technological advancement. As quickly as technology improves and updates, many institutions are slow in the uptake. About 75% of Americans in the workforce don’t believe they have access to the latest efficiency-boosting technologies currently available. Whether or not they know what those technologies are is a completely different argument. […]

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Schoharie Crash Aftermath: Families and Legislators Seek Justice

Limousines are typically thought to be one of the safer forms of transportation available, with limo drivers making an average of 105 trips per week. The majority of those trips go off without a hitch, allowing passengers to arrive at their destination in style. Unfortunately, one limo company in Schoharie, New York did not deliver […]

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2018-2019 College Football Bowl and Playoff Season Officially Underway

Say what you will about sports, but the five largest sports in the U.S. — football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and baseball — bring in a lot of money. According to the latest sports outlook from PriceWaterHouseCoopers, the North American sports industry is expected to bring in roughly $69.4 billion from sponsorship fees, media rights, and […]

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Electric Toothbrushes and Smart Devices Are Great, But Shades Are the Perfect Holiday Gift

The holiday season is in full effect and millions of people across the country are scurrying around malls and shopping centers, browsing Amazon wish lists, and buying all sorts of gift cards and candies. Some of the most popular holiday purchases so far this year have been DNA testing kits, instant pot multicookers, L.L. Bean […]

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Used Car Dealers Worried Tax Changes Could Potentially Slow Auto Sales

The used auto market in the U.S. is extremely important. In fact, pre-owned vehicles make up as much as 75% of automotive sales in the United States, and used vehicle sales have actually been on the rise for seven consecutive years. As 2019 approaches, however, though dealers can remain optimistic about their auto sales and […]

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Cicely Tyson Makes History Again As First Black Actress To Receive Honorary Oscar

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 2018 Governors Awards were held on Sunday, Nov. 18 and awarded actress Cicely Tyson with honorary Oscar. She is the first black actress in the academy’s history to win the honor. The 93-year-old actress is a well-known face on Hollywood screens and boasts a career that spans nearly 70 […]

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Do School Uniforms Actually Make A Difference?

The argument over school uniforms has been going on for decades; do uniforms for students do anything at all to help their education, or are they limiting for students looking to express themselves? With 33,619 private schools in the United States, serving 5.4 million PK-12 students, there are plenty of parents looking to know for […]

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Millennials’ Cost-Consciousness Is Changing The Healthcare Industry

The millennial generation is having a positive impact on the healthcare industry, but their cost-consciousness could have negative personal health consequences. According to Forbes, the millennial generation’s desire for transparency, rapid delivery, and convenience has caused a positive shift in the healthcare industry’s efficiency and customer service. The millennial generation, made up of 75 million […]

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To Have And To Unhold: Man Drops Engagement Ring In NYC Sidewalk Grate, NYPD Helps Out

New York City is such a scenic winter wonderland during the holiday season. Filled with lights, people, cheer, and the unmistakable blare of impatient car horns, it’s a magical place. It’s especially popular for tourists to visit New York City during the holidays to soak in the sights and sounds with loved ones. Among these […]

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Western New York Prepares For Lake-Effect Snow

Approximately 95% of all Americans live within an hour’s drive of a navigable body of water. During the summer, this is great because people of all ages can enjoy time on the water; sailing, fishing, swimming, skiing, and just relaxing. During the winter, however, these large bodies of water can cause some serious weather concerns. […]