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NYC Airbnb Crackdown Means Trouble For Landlords (And Housecleaners)

Airbnb, the popular home-renting platform, has had its share of issues, especially when apartment-dwellers decide to rent out their rooms. In places like New York City, landlords and tenants alike have faced fines for renting out their domiciles through the service. The Big Apple may be cracking down on violators, but it’s had an unintended […]

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Hawii’s Secret Illegal Water Slide

There’s a secret, illegal, water slide in Hawaii. That’s right, an illegal water slide on a tropical island, in the middle of a beautiful forested location, right in Waipio Valley. The slide is actually a 35-foot irrigation flume on top of a concrete pool and requires a lot of work to get to. To get […]

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OSHA Suspends Electronic Injury and Illness Reporting Rule

The Labor Department suspended an Obama-era rule on May 17 that requires companies to electronically report their injury and illness records. This movement effectively keeps all injury and illness records from the public for the time being. The Labor Department and OSHA have required companies to keep worker injury and illness records since 1971. Considering […]


Study: Ancient Human Teeth Reveal History of Vitamin D Deficiency

It’s no secret that teeth are important tools for humans and animals alike. They allow us to eat, help us speak, and make for a handy weapon in a pinch. In many cases, teeth have even been used to make jewelry, much like the oldest jewelry ever discovered, 100,000-year old beads made from Nassarius shells. […]

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Cancer Researchers Stumble Upon Hair Loss Discovery

Researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center identified cells that give direct rise to hair. It’s a discovery that could lead to more effective treatments for thinning and graying hair, but it wasn’t exactly the discovery they were seeking at first. Dr. Lu Le, an Associate Professor of Dermatology at UT Southwestern, explained that the original […]

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In East Texas, Severe Spring Showers Bring May Con Men

The recent violent storms in Texas left neighborhoods in shambles, causing the communities throughout Dallas-Fort Worth to be extremely damaged. “It was just large swath after large swath of devastation,” said Texas Governor Greg Abbott, referring to the seven confirmed tornadoes that hit East Texas earlier this month. According to NBCDFW, the storm left four […]

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Concentration In the Workplace Remains a Major Issue Across the Country

Across the U.S., more and more workers are struggling with productivity — both for obvious reasons, like lack of sleep, as well as more subconscious factors. According to The Wall Street Journal, many companies are struggling with employees losing focus due to visual noise distractions and other interruptions. Business spaces that lack visually appealing, calming […]

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U.S. May Extend Laptop Ban to Include All Flights From Europe

According to a survey conducted in 2009, business professionals who travel on commercial airlines reported a 40% drop in their productivity. And for passengers stuck in coach, American Airlines is the latest airline to decrease legroom, again, from 31 inches to as low as 29 inches. Now, there’s more bad news for international travelers as […]

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NYC Craft Brewery Creates Beer Made From Recycled Bread

While 84% of all craft beer consumers like to choose their beer based on the season, one beer company is focusing on creating their beer around giving back instead of making seasonal flavors. Toast Ale is a pale ale that saves one slice of donated, stale bread per each bottle of beer created. The beer’s […]

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New York One of Worst States in Nation for Structurally Unsafe Bridges

At the turn of the century, building bridges was a booming business across the nation and since then, bridging technology has changed dramatically. For example, back in 1933, the Golden Gate Bridge needed a whopping 83,000 tons of steel to be built, whereas only half of that would be needed today. However, just because these […]