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Hawii’s Secret Illegal Water Slide

Boy at aqua park

There’s a secret, illegal, water slide in Hawaii.

That’s right, an illegal water slide on a tropical island, in the middle of a beautiful forested location, right in Waipio Valley.

The slide is actually a 35-foot irrigation flume on top of a concrete pool and requires a lot of work to get to. To get to the slide is not the easy. People that want to brave the government fines have to take a two-hour walk in Hawaii’s wilderness, walk through tunnels, cross government property and climb to the top of a rope. But the results are apparently quite worth it, given how amazing the setting for the slide is.

“We need to discourage this as much as we can when people are saying things to appeal to a visitors that may want to do a reckless type of experience,” Mufi Hannemann of Hawaii’s Lodging and Tourism Association told Hawaii News Now last year. The official statement is that the structure is unsound, and a danger to tourists and against government regulations.

Hikers and risk-taking tourists are known to bring inflatable tubes, swimming gear, and other water-based equipment to this illegal hotspot. There are videos all over the internet of the slide in use, and people are willing to risk the fines to experience it.

Thankfully, you don’t have to risk fines and other government actions to have a little fun with a water slide. There are tons of options available, including the world’s largest inflatable water slide, which stands at a massive massive 1,975 feet in length. Which is just as exciting as an illegal water slide in the middle of a tropical forest.