DNA and Cotton: How One Lab in Long Island is Changing Things Up With Their Unique Testing Methods

Typically, when a person thinks of DNA testing, they think of medical testing on humans. However, one small laboratory is challenging this preconception, focusing their efforts on testing cotton. Cotton? Applied DNA Sciences is a small laboratory located just 90 miles away from New York City, and their scientists are looking for authenticity in the […]

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Creator of ‘This American Life’ Sued Over Bed Bug and Rodent Infestation

Ira Glass, the creator of NPR’s popular “This American Life” weekly broadcast, is being sued by his condo board due to an unaddressed bed bug and rodent infestation in his Chelsea apartment. The condo board alleges that Glass and his wife, Anaheed Alani, have allowed an ongoing infestation of bed bugs in the apartment they […]

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Study Reveals That Parents May be Overdosing Their Children When it Comes to Common Illnesses

Approximately 5.21 million mothers and 214,000 fathers identify as stay-at-home parents, but even those who stay at home to care for their children may be making a critical error when it comes to medicine. A new study suggests that parents are making dosing errors when giving medicine to their children. Luckily, a syringe could be […]

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Etsy and Intuit Form Partnership to Benefit Online Merchants

New tech partnership is changing the way users maneuver through the ecommerce industry. Etsy and Intuit just formed a new partnership to enable online merchants the option of exporting their own sales expense data directly into Intuit’s platform. ZDNet reports that users can now easily track their profits and losses, differentiate between person and business […]

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September Signals Start of Bear Hunting Season in New York State

Early black bear hunting season is upon us in New York State. The season runs from September 10th through the 25th in specific wildlife areas throughout Southeastern region of the state, and from September 17th to October 14th in the Northern areas. In some parts of the state, bear hunting continues through the end of […]

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Manhattan Prosecutors Go After Builders for Construction Site Safety Concerns

Approximately 35% of on-site injuries are caused by construction machine accidents annually, and as the rate of those accidents has surged in New York City, prosecutors are looking to go up against builders who they say have sacrificed safety for progress. In late August, prosecutor Diana Florence gathered a group of worker advocates and foreign-consulate […]

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Water Crisis Forcing City-Wide Ban On Watering Lawns

In Portsmouth, the City Council unanimously voted to outlaw watering lawns in the city beginning Thursday, September 8 to battle the recent drought facing the city. “The public knows the seriousness of the issue,” said John Bohenko, Portsmouth City Manager. According to Seacostonline, Bohenko could have passed the ban himself on the basis of an […]

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Olympian Soccer Star Hope Solo Suspects Suspension is Reaction to Equal Right Fight

The issue of women’s rights in the workplace is an ever-present one. Women already face immense pressures to be taken seriously in positions that are considered by some to be traditionally male, and female athletes have it especially tough. Not only do they often have to work harder than their male counterparts in order to […]

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NYC Does Its Part in Reducing Carbon Footprint, and It’s Working

New York City is the city that never sleeps. It seems that there are just as many tourists in New York as there are residents, and no matter if they go for business, or if they are headed down for a vacation, it is easy to find something for everybody. New York can even offer […]