Platinum Dominates Runways and Wedding Aisles in Latest Trends

According to a recent publication by the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, platinum jewelry is becoming to the latest trend in designer jewelry, especially with the younger millenial generation. Research shows that millenials tend toward platinum jewelry because it reflects attributes that they want to display; compared to materials like gold and silver, platinum is considered more unique and rare – and, most importantly, platinum jewelry is easily customizable, making it more a reflection of personal style rather than short-lived trends.

In its annual competition surrounding platinum jewelry design, Platinum Guild International offered jewelry designers a rare opportunity to showcase their wares and to take advantage of the high demand for platinum jewelry. Platinum engagement rings topped this year’s competition as the most popular category – but for anyone already familiar with bridal trends, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Platinum has long been the material of choice for grooms- and brides-to-be, not only because it is considered a resilient metal, but also because it blends easily with different diamonds and gemstones.

And as the price difference between white gold and platinum steadily decreases, many couples are realizing that platinum is simply a better investment. Its natural white quality makes it aesthetically similar to white gold – and makes it a perfect fit for all those December engagements and winter weddings – but unlike white gold, platinum never has to be re-plated, making it a better investment in the long term.

Although this trend is still new, style experts predict that it won’t disappear anytime soon. Platinum jewelry sales increased by 11 percent in 2013, and this percentage is predicted to rise in 2014 as designers look for new ways to customize platinum jewelry and make it more affordable for young couples. Timeless style, unsurpassed quality, affordable price tag… sounds like a great investment for anyone!