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Starbucks Delivered Right to Your Desk

Since the advent of smartphones, companies around the world have been releasing apps to make your customer experience better. Whether you are assembling a wish list, looking for coupons, or simply reading up on a company’s history, there’s an app for that. Soon, following in the footsteps of PizzaHut and GrubHub, Starbucks will join the ranks of businesses offering delivery of goods when ordered via company app.

Starbucks will begin rolling out coffee delivery in Seattle and New York, though only one of those cities will receive its orders from a person in a car. In Seattle, Starbucks is partnering with delivery service PostMates to bring coffee to customers who order and pay through the mobile app. Meanwhile, Starbucks delivery in New York City will be limited to the Empire State Building, where Starbucks employees will hand-deliver orders to offices elsewhere in the building. The New York City model will have web-based ordering, though there are plans to transition to app ordering later in the year.

With an estimated 50% of people using their mobile phones as a primary internet source, it should come as no surprise that other companies are working to make their services more accessible to mobile users. Waffle House is looking into delivery of mobile orders, too, but instead of delivering just waffles, the company is partnering with delivery service Roadie to offer more options.

Roadie is an app that allows people who are driving to a specific area to meet up with people who need something delivered to that area so they can avoid paying for postage. Waffle House has over 1,700 locations that are open 24 hours a day, and all are brightly-lit, making them a safe place for drivers to meet up with package senders and recipients. Drivers get a free waffle when they sign up, and with each delivery, receive a free drink.

Whether you want to ship a package to your friend the next town over, or have fresh coffee delivered to your office in New York, Starbucks and Waffle House have you covered. Never before has your phone been so useful.