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Ping Pong Match Between Drake and Reggie Miller One of All-Star Weekend’s Best Moments

table tennis paddleThis past weekend, the National Basketball Association’s 2016 All-Star Game took place in Toronto, Canada. A lot of history was made over the weekend’s festivities, including the fact that it took place somewhere outside of the United States, and the record-breaking ridiculous final score of the game itself. It was also the first time in history another sort of match, which actually contained much more competitiveness than the All-Star Game, took place between rapper Drake and ex-basketball player Reggie Miller.

According to HotNewHipHop.com, the former Indiana Pacers legend and current TNT analyst heard through the grapevine that the Canadian superstar was something of a shark at ping pong. Knowing they’d both be in town for the All-Star events, Miller issued a friendly challenge to Drake via Twitter earlier this month.

“Working on my NBA All-Star plans and my peeps say @Drake is a master ping pong player, maybe he’s up for a match,” Miller tweeted on February 4, to which the rapper gladly accepted in a Tweet of his own.

“Master is a bit of a stretch,” Drake wrote. “But then again you have to stretch before everything works out. So yes Reginald @ReggieMillerTNT… its a go!”

Ping pong balls are one of the smallest products made through the rotational molding process, which is a four-stage manufacturing process that involves heat instead of pressure, but they provided for one of the weekend’s biggest impromptu events. The TNT camera crews made sure to film the heated competition in which the local hero got off to a fast start, but eventually was bested Miller’s quick three-point shooting hands.

To say that things have been going well for Drake lately would be quite an understatement. Despite maybe his pride taking something of a hit from the loss, there’s a good chance he’ll make a full recovery.

“This is it,” Drake said after the loss. “This is the most devastating moment of the last few years for me.”