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Hidden Camera Found In New Jersey Family Dental Practice Restroom

Dental instruments and tools in a dentists officeA New Jersey dentist, Robert Hofstetter, has been arrested after a female employee found a hidden camera in the restroom. Hofstetter has been charged with invasion of privacy, but was released from custody pending an appearance in court.

Hofstetter has run his practice, Hofstetter Family Dentistry in Sewell, New Jersey since 1978. According to his Facebook profile, he trained as a dentist at Georgetown University and has a pre-med degree from Penn State. The website for the practice claims to that the office is designed with the comfort and safety of the patients in mind and to be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. According to the website, they are cultivating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

When the employee at Hofstetter Family Dentistry found the camera on the afternoon on Sept. 18, she reported it immediately to the Washington Township Police Department in New Jersey. The police went to the dental office and located the pinhole video camera in an employee bathroom.

According to Captain Kenneth Kennedy, the officers at the scene talked with Hofstetter and based on that conversation they decided to charge him. Although the police successfully recovered the camera, they do not have any recorded material from it yet. Whether or not they have any hard drives or video recording devices that may have recorded images is as yet unclear.

Hofstetter has not released any statements regarding the situation and it is as yet unknown if he has hired a lawyer to represent him. The day after the arrest both his office and his home were quiet, with no signs of life. The general feeling of the people in Washington Township surrounding the incident is one of worry.

“Just creepy to think about somebody actually with a camera wasn’t to watch people in a bathroom. It’s a violation of privacy and sense of safety for people,” says Maria Pitale of Washington Township.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Americans spend approximately $2.75 billion on cosmetic dentistry every year. Women make up about two-thirds of cosmetic dentistry patients, but Hofstetter’s female patients and employees may think twice the next time they enter a restroom at a dentist’s office. As of yet, investigators have not confirmed how long the camera may have been hidden in the bathroom and how many people may have been victimized.

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