What Is Specialized Refrigeration for Test Chambers?

According to Industrial Quick Search, the sizes of environmental test chambers vary from 1 to 12,000 cubic feet. Besides, according to Business Wire, the global market for environmental test chambers is projected to reach a revised size of $869 million by 2026. The refrigeration environmental chamber testing equipment is a two-stage system. This means that two compressors are used in the system. The first compressor is turned on during the process of cooling from 150 degrees Celsius.

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The second compressor turns on once the temperature is down to 17 degrees Celsius. So, the specialized refrigeration for test chambers guarantees both cooling rate, energy saving, and increased life of the compressor.

The specialized refrigeration for test chambers entails the use of two Hermetic compressors from France, made by TECUMSEH. It has an oil separator from the American brand Emerson. So, there is a guarantee of reliable environmental test chamber services. You can seek help from experts in mechanical contracting, low-temperature test chambers, and reputable new test chamber installations and startups in order to get the right test chamber. The test chamber should also be able to filter impurities in the refrigerants and prevent the clogging of pipes by those impurities. Fixing clips can be used to fix the copper tube in order to avoid shaking and breaking during transportation.