How to Turn Things You Like Into Hobbies

In our current culture, you may find it hard to find time to do the things you like. From chauffeuring your kids to sports practices to going to work at a demanding job to caring for aging family members, there are a lot of things in life that can drain us of the energy and drive to make time for the things we enjoy. When you don’t have the time or energy to engage in your favorite hobbies, it can make them feel like one more obligation or expense.

For those with a tight budget, it can be hard to figure out what you could do that would be fun without financially stretching your household to the limit. Still, if you observe a desire to do certain things in life, you should follow that desire through to its natural conclusion of turning something you love into a hobby. If finances are a concern, you can always convert your hobbies into a side hustle, gig work, or a business down the road to help cover the costs of the chosen pastime.

The Argument for Picking Up Hobbies

Although it’s understandable to want to be productive and maintain a nice home, you should incorporate fun into your life regularly. As they say, all work and no play makes one a dull person. If you want to have something interesting to say to your colleagues at work or other members of your community, hobbies can be a great way to start a conversation.

What’s more, you can use hobbies to bulk up your social life by joining clubs that cater to folks who share your hobby or interest. It’s usually easier to meet someone who has the same hobby and connect with them than it would be to connect with someone who has nothing in common with you. If you’re trying to date, having hobbies can also make it easier to meet a potential partner who can share in your interests if that’s important to you. Overall, there are many benefits to having hobbies. This is why we recommend finding a few hobbies you could see yourself loving before you throw in the towel on having a good time.


If the feel or look of oak, maple, cherry, and other woods makes you feel inspired, you should consider woodworking. This is a hobby that offers plenty of opportunity for making practical things that you could give to your loved ones as gifts for holidays or keep for yourself to make your life easier. If you know how to do woodworking, you can learn how to do home repairs on the things in your home that are made of wood. You can also build custom furniture that impresses family members and visitors to your home. When you can’t find a table, chair, or cabinet that suits your needs or vision, woodworking as a hobby can turn into a lifesaver that supplies you with exactly what you desire.

When you think about woodworking, you might picture a large woodworking workshop with heavy equipment and expensive materials. Contrary to the beliefs of some, you don’t need fancy machinery or a business loan to do the things you like. If you love working with wood, you can start small by renting the necessary equipment with limited funds or taking workshops in someone else’s woodworking facility to cut down on start-up costs.

If making large items is far outside of your budget for now, you can practice your techniques of working with wood on small items like dollhouse furniture or candleholders. Some of the best ways to hone your woodworking techniques involve making small projects well. You could create wooden napkin holders as gifts for someone who is getting married soon or you could create the base for a rattle for a baby shower. You could also try your hand at wood burning if you don’t like the idea of carving large pieces of wood.


After visiting your favorite museum and marveling at the gorgeous glass art, you may consider how you can incorporate the things you like to look at into your hobbies by getting into blowing glass. Although glassblowing may be a hobby that is tough to start, it’s not too challenging once you know what you’re doing. To learn this skill and connect with other beginners, you’ll probably want to take classes or workshops. Since glassblowing involves handling hot materials that are breakable, it’s best to practice this craft in a setting where you have more advanced teachers instructing you on the best methods for doing it. If your project breaks or becomes too hot or hefty to handle, you can call over an instructor to help you lower it to a safe place and clean up any glass that has broken.


For jewelry lovers, the things you like may lead you down the path of purchasing some machine lubricant and starting a metalworking hobby. Depending on the types of metals you choose to use, you can create all kinds of looks with this material. You can make delicate chain jewelry or large pieces such as platters for entertaining with your metalworking skills.

While this hobby can be expensive if you use fine materials like silver or gold, it can also be rewarding and lucrative. Once you’re good at working with metal, you could try your hand at selling your pieces online or at craft fairs in person if you want to make some money to help you sustain your hobby. You can also form a collective with like-minded metal workers in your area. If you have a background in welding, you may find it easier to learn the basics of working with metal than someone who has never worked with it before. If you want a job that ties into your hobby, you could go to school to be a welder or a related professional.

Car Racing

When the things you like are fast-paced and thrilling, there’s nothing like installing some racing parts into your car and practicing for the races. As a racing sports fan, you could experience new thrills by getting behind the wheel and racing. If you decide to race, you should follow the appropriate laws and find a setting where you can safely practice racing.

Although it can be fun to speed along the highway, this is a dangerous and illegal way to practice racing if you go over the speed limit. It can put you and other drivers on the road in danger. If you practice racing with people on the road who are not interested in racing, you could make them feel uncomfortable and create a situation where a car accident is possible. Looking into safe ways to race like playing video games that have racing themes or finding a racetrack near you that allows regular non-professionals to race could make it easier to practice this hobby without being unsafe.


If the things you like tend to center around eating or food, you can take up cooking. While some parts of cooking like performing grease trap cleanings might not be the most glamorous aspect of the hobby, there’s nothing like whipping up a satisfying meal or stunning dessert and having your friends marvel at how amazing it looks or tastes. Depending on what you like to cook, you may find that this hobby could be expensive or save you money.

If you like to purchase expensive ingredients like truffles or saffron, you may notice that your cooking hobby drives your grocery budget through the roof. On the other hand, if you’re used to eating at expensive restaurants and you learn how to recreate your favorite meals from them at home, you may save money in the long run. Even if the materials cost the same as the ingredients from the restaurant, you’ll save money on tips and other extras if you dine at home.

Car Restoration

One of the most rewarding things you can do if you enjoy cars is restore them. From learning how to do car part repairs to detailing cars, there are plenty of practical applications to this hobby that could save you money or earn you money in the long run if you decide to make your car hobby a business. Restoring cars can be difficult and expensive work, but it will pay off if it saves you money on mechanic labor fees and other costs. It can also be fun to learn about the history of automobiles and see how cars have changed from when they were first introduced to our current time in history.


If you want to feed your family delicious, healthy vegetables or wow your neighbors with gorgeous blooming flowers, you could look into gardening. As you may know, gardening involves more than planting seeds, watering them, and hoping they will grow. For serious gardening hobbyists, caring for a garden can become a fulfilling way to sustain your family and expand your knowledge of the outdoors. If you want to plant vegetables and fruits, you can have delicious fresh produce without going further than your backyard. When flowers and decorative plants are more your thing, you can enjoy a beautiful landscaping theme without investing in the labor costs of a landscaping team. Some of the practical sides of growing a garden if it’s what you like include researching crop insurance plans to protect your harvest. While not everyone needs to insure their garden, it can give you peace of mind if you live in an area where your crops are at risk of qualifying issues.

Computer Coding

While you might work in IT services to earn a living, there’s no reason why this lucrative career couldn’t give you a hobby that you enjoy with computer coding. Some people start off coding as a hobby and end up working in technology. For other folks, it’s the opposite.

Card Collecting

Depending on the types of fandoms you like, collecting trading cards can be a fun way to connect with other like-minded nerds while making a little money on the side. Those who love sports may want to collect sports trading cards. Shops with trading cards tend to have a built-in community of other card collectors. If the cards you collect tie into a game you could play with others, this can make it a social hobby that gets you out of your home and your comfort zone.


If golf is one of the things you like, you should go out, purchase a golf club set, and get started on your golfing journey. You can usually rent these sets from a golf course. Since golf is a sport that requires some technical knowledge of the game before you play, it may help to borrow books from the library or research the sport online before you head to a golf course. You should also look into the fees associated with using a golf course. Some may offer discounts for qualifying members. You may also be able to start small with mini golf if golf intimidates you.

When you enjoy something, you might not know how to turn it into a hobby. What’s more, it can be a struggle to figure out how to get back into your hobbies if you don’t even know what you like to do. If you loved painting as a kid, you may not get the same thrill out of it as an adult. Additionally, some hobbies from childhood may be hard to recreate if the materials you used for the hobby aren’t available anymore because they were part of some fad.

Getting into a hobby can have other challenges. Some folks think that devoting time to your hobbies is a waste of time. Judgment from your peers for not “being productive” or doing what you love can create issues in your community. Overall, if you love something or even think you might like to do it, you should go for it. No one can stop you from engaging in a hobby that brings you joy. Even if costs or time constraints prohibit you from picking up a hobby today, you can always have a list of hobbies you may like to try in the future.