What is A Heat Exchanger?

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Heat exchangers are used in a variety of operations, including the heating and air conditioning in your home. This article will take a look at what a heat exchanger is and how it works.

A heat exchanger allows heat to pass between two fluids without the fluids coming into direct contact. For air conditioning, a closed-loop liquid cooling system is used.

A closed-loop system is a high capacity system that passes the heat from water to air in the heat exchanger using outside airflow. Liquid is used as the coolant and the heat exchanger removes heat from the coolant.

The liquids used as a coolant include water, deionized water, inhibited glycol with water solutions, dielectric fluids, and custom-made heat transfer fluids.

The coolant is pumped through a cold plate. The heat dissipated through the cold plate is sent to the heat exchanger and cooled off, simultaneously lowering the temperature of the coolant.

Heat exchangers are designed to maximize surface area and minimize resistance to fluid flow. They are sometimes built with fins and corrugations which increases which increase the surface area and makes them more efficient.

Heat exchangers are used in telecom, medical, electronic, and HVAC technology. They are complicated machines that do a critical job in cooling off machines or cooling a home.