How Garage Door Companies Install New Doors

If you need a new garage door, you may wonder how the garage door companies you’re getting quotes from will handle the installation project. Most garage doors are built the same way, so they are also installed in the same way. The video below shows the whole garage door replacement process.

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First, the technician removes the old garage door. This can be somewhat difficult if the door is in poor repair, but once it is removed, the installation process for the new door can begin. Depending on the state of your garage door’s tracks, garage door companies may recommend a full replacement of all of the garage door hardware. In this case, new tracks would be installed next.

Once the tracks are ready for the new garage door, the technician can begin to install it. Typically, garage doors come in sections that fit together. These sections allow the door to move flexibly along the curved part of the tracks. While many of the sections are interchangeable, the bottom and top sections are typically different than the rest. The bottom section has a weather seal, and the top section may have windows to let light into the garage.

The technician fits the panels together on the racks and installs any necessary hardware.