What to Expect During Local Pest Control Service

In their first year as applicators, the majority of our personnel work on residential pest treatment.

1. Come to the office to check in, punch your card, and collect your supervisor’s route. All of the different “stops”, or the houses that need our local pest control service, are listed on the route sheet. Majority of these homes have been pest-free for a long time, most of them are regular clients.

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They are, in essence, satisfied clients who only require our local pest control service on a regular.

2. In most cases, the maintenance visit is split into groups of two people. If you’re on your own, you’ll show up at the customer’s home and inform them that you’re there to deal with pest control. De-web is the first thing you need to do. Many customers who have been using pest control services for a long time have been able to obtain spiders. Make sure the entire house is fully de-webbed. Make sure to take all of the kids’ toys out of the yard and away from the treatment area once you’ve finished or are in the process of de-webbing.  Also, move the lawn chairs as well.

3. After that, you return to the truck and use your backpack sprayer’s hand applicator to mix your chemical, or if you’re using granules, grab your granular drug and start applying it. Complete the documents after you’ve finished the application.