What to Do After a Dog Bite Accident

It can tremendously ruin your day if a dog suddenly bites you while you’re on a date at the park. Not only will it cut the date short, but you may experience grave consequences.

You can get an infection from a dog bite accident because bacteria from the dog’s mouth can enter your body. While it would help prevent further infection by washing the bite wound thoroughly, you still won’t be sure that all bacteria from the bite have been removed from your body.

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You can avoid infection resulting from a dog bite by using at-home treatment methods. Some people find that it’s often enough to clean the superficial wound right away. However, if you have a severe injury from the bite, you should immediately go to the hospital.

Allowing the bacteria to remain in your body can cause sepsis, rabies, or tetanus – infections that can spread to the other parts of your body and cause severe issues. That’s why it’s crucial to have a doctor check if there are any remaining bacteria so you can get treated right away. Treating this type of infection usually requires antibiotics or vaccinations.

Accident injury attorney Tim Williams answers all possible questions people might have regarding dog bite accidents. In this informative video by Roy Dwyer of DWC Accident Injury Attorneys, you’ll learn the crucial steps you must take if a dog bites you.