Preventative Maintenance for an Elevator

Elevators are an essential part of buildings; they eliminate the tiring task of going up flights of stairs and carry individuals and goods. Therefore, it is important that elevators have a preventative maintenance plan so no one is stuck in or hurt by one. These complex machines are talked about in this video, from their […]


What Is an Assisted Living Facility Really Like?

As our parents get older, we are faced with the difficult choice of entering them into a nursing home or luxury assisted living service. In this video, you will learn a bit more about assisted living homes, and why they make a great option for your loved one. The video begins with discussing the care […]


Things to Look at When Apartment Hunting in NYC

Before you make the ultimate decision to move your life into a new apartment, you need to conduct a thorough assessment to make sure that everything is clean and safe. It’s prudent to consider an apartment deployment of an apartment inspection. This apartment inspection should take place before you sign your lease agreement. This inspection […]


What Habitat for Humanity has Done in NYC and Around the World

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could own a home, even if you struggled with a low income? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could guarantee your children had a roof over their heads, in a home that you could call your own? It’s not just a dream come true, it’s a reality for thousands […]


Winter Health Advice: How to Stay Healthier This Winter

Urgent care clinic involves medical attention that is not an emergency and takes care of minor illnesses and injuries such as a cut, ear infection, sinus infections, sore throat, minor burns, and other general diseases and discomforts. We serve our patients on a first-come, first-served basis. We operate on a 24 hour care clinic basis, […]


Avoiding Financial Disasters During Renovation Projects

With the number of confirmed worldwide coronavirus cases exceeding 100,000, many homeowners are spending time during lockdown tackling home renovation projects. When focusing on home repair in NYC, it’s important to make sure you stick to your budget. If you’re not careful, your home renovation project can get out of hand and take a huge […]


Top Tips for Running a Restaurant in NYC: Maintenance and More

Running a restaurant in New York City is no easy task. Many locally-owned restaurants have gone under since quarantine measures began. Whether you’re a manager or the owner and operator of a restaurant, the sheer energy, hard work, and maintenance that goes into keeping a place running. According to the statistic and fact site, Statista, […]

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Important Things to Do In NYC While Under Quarantine

Right now, the COVID-19 coronavirus is still spreading across the globe, and by now, over 100,000 cases have been confirmed worldwide. This certainly includes the United States, where the densely crowded New England area has been hit especially hard, such as New York and Massachusetts. This means that most citizens and employees are under quarantine […]