Gambling Psychology Behind the Bergen County 29

Money laundering, racketeering, illegal gambling– Bergen County, New Jersey just got a little more interesting. A investigation which started back in February culminated in early June with proof of 29 adults participating in an online sports gambling ring which allegedly accrued about $3 million in a year. The investigation shows that the participants were very […]


New York City Council passes Vision Zero legislation

The New York city council has passed a new legislation for ensuring and ameliorating the traffic security.  Actually, the council had voted for the “Vision Zero” plan which is designed to eliminate the death of motorists, cyclists and pedestrian in the nation’s largest city. Besides,   some changes in driving have also been made. There will be some […]


Jury Awards $172 Million in Verdict against New York City

A girl who suffered serious head injury- just for waiting for the ambulance- won $172 million judgment against New York City on Wednesday. The lawyer for the girl’s family Thomas A. Moore said that “it was the biggest reward in the history of New York city”. Besides, the chief of the tort division in the Law […]


Scout Willis walks topless through New York City to protest Instagram nudity policy

Daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis was photographed shirtless during her walk through the Manhattan. Actually, she took this stand in order to protest the nudity policy of the Instagram. The young Willis posted her nude pictures on twitter with a message that “Nudity is legal in New York but not in Instagram”. Most […]


NYC Launches New War against Rats

The New York City is going to launch a new war against rats. It is said that the target of the city would be rat reservoirs- city parks, sewers, subways- areas where rodent population survives and thrives.  A senior official of the city council said that “the rats’ problem in the Manhattan Valley neighborhood is epidemic”. He […]