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Following Storm Damage, Avoid These Costly Remodeling Mistakes

Remodeling is a major part of property ownership. Across the United States, homeowners remodel more than 14.2 million bathrooms and 10.2 million kitchens annually. Though plenty of household improvements are strictly for a boost in appearance and value, many homeowners have to remodel out of necessity.

Though this year wasn’t as bad in terms of sheer damage, 2018 still saw plenty of hurricanes that caused all sorts of structural damage. Flooding was a major issue this year as each storm brought a significant amount of rainfall, leading to major water damage in homes across the country and serious financial expenses. The average cost of a single home water damage insurance claim is approximately $6,965.

According to DS News, residential maintenance and remodeling activities spiked after both 2017’s and 2018’s hurricane seasons. As a homeowner, it’s important to tend to any structural or water-related issue right away.

Especially in the Carolinas, where thousands of homeowners will need to repair or completely rebuild their homes following Hurricane Florence. According to Market Watch, Hurricane Florence dumped more than three feet of rain, leading to massive flooding, mold, and other water-related problems. Additionally, early estimates state that the damage from Hurricane Florence’s wind and flooding could total between $1.7 billion and $4.6 billion — and growing.

It’s imperative, however, that homeowners in need of maintenance avoid some costly and potentially even damaging mistakes during the repair process. Here are some common remodeling mistakes following storm damages that should be avoided at all costs:

  • Not acting quickly — When it comes to water-damage and molding, you can’t ignore these issues for very long. If you don’t act quickly, you might not be able to salvage any of the damaged or mold-infected areas of your home, which will force you to spend much more money. As soon as the storm has passed, you need to start cleaning up, repairing, and tending to any water damage right away.
  • Neglecting to properly budget — It’s a lot easier to create a detailed budget when you have months to plan ahead of time. But since you’re not just making household upgrades for aesthetic purposes, you need to come up with a realistic budget quickly. Be sure to consider both cleanup and repair work, as well, including electrical wiring.
  • Not working with a professional remodeling service — For many property owners hoping to fix major issues throughout homes, a crucial first step is to find an experienced and trusted remodeling contractor. Without the help of a professional contractor, even if you’re confident in your remodeling skills, you might end up making things worse, which could lead to even more financial and stressful problems down the line.
  • Declining to ask for references — You shouldn’t just hire the first contractor that offers his or her remodeling services. Following major storms, criminals will often pose as fraudulent contractors in order to take advantage of your immediate needs. You need to double-check each prospective contractor — asking for a list of references should help you identify a legitimate company.

Storms will always come and go — it’s on you as a homeowner to do everything in your power to minimize these damages and keep your home looking great!