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New Video Game Encourages Outdoor Exercise for Kids

Children not getting enough exercise is a serious issue in the United States; rather than going outside and playing, kids are now spending over seven and a half hours a day staring at a screen. But some new video game developers want to change that by creating a game that encourages outdoor play.

Featured in Stuff Business Day, Tgoma, a new outdoor interactive digital gaming and exercise system released by Springfree Trampolines, is changing the way kids play.

The Tgoma trampoline uses sensors to digitally log a player’s position, along with their jump height, calorie-burn rate, and more. A screen is draped over the trampoline netting, and users can play various interactive games once activated.

The user’s body is essentially the controller. By using a sensor-based algorithm, the system can track a player’s jump speed, time between each jump, and overall exercise movements.

The developers came up with the name Tgoma by using an acronym for “take gaming outside and make it active.” The goal of this new product is to use this new technology to provide healthier play for kids and keep them fit and active.

“Our goal is to shift kids’ behavior from indoor sedentary play to outdoor active play,” said Steve Holmes, Springfree Trampoline founder. “Instead of fighting technology, it’s about leveraging it to transform ‘screen time’ from an isolating, sedentary activity to a healthful, engaging experience for the entire family.”

Along with allowing children to engage in various games, the Tgoma also features exercise routines for adults. The TgomaFit, for instance, has many workouts and exercise routines.

Tech Times reports that Springfree Trampoline’s best-selling product, the Jumbo Square Trampoline, is selling for $2,599.

The University of Canterbury helped develop the new gaming system, with the help of students who were paid to jump over one million times for device calibration.

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