New York City’s Richest Sugar Daddies Are Using Real Estate Agents to Conceal Their Crimes of Passion

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When looking for real estate, potential homeowners tend to want certain things out of their real estate property. For example, 53% of them are looking for a two-car garage.

But in New York City, real estate buyers are noticing quite a different trend.

According to the New York Daily News, New York City real estate agents are being hired to help find apartments for the mega wealthy sugar daddies of Manhattan and their sugar babies. And when it comes to these transactions, mum’s the word.

For these wealthy male adulterers, privacy is of the utmost importance. In the past, men seeking extramarital affairs could flock to dating sites like Ashley Madison, where for a hefty monthly price tag, cheating men could find the mistress of their dreams.

In July, Ashley Madison was hacked and the identity of thousands of adulterers were held for ransom.

With their professional and familial lives at stake, many of these men feel they can no longer gamble with having their dirty underwear exposed for the world to see.

Instead, they come to real estate agents like Michael Graves.

Michael Graves is a renowned New York City real estate agent. In his exchange with the New York Daily News, he tells the publication about the delicate professional responsibility he has to these particular clients.

“As a real estate professional, I am not interested or positioned to make judgments about anyone’s personal life or their relationships,” said Graves. “My client’s private interpersonal relations are not my business. We must see our clients the same way a doctor sees a patient and do our work with discretion.”

In their searches, sugar daddies often seek out apartments for their mistresses. Typically, the rent, lease agreement, and all allowances are in the mistresses’ name. Many of the men also pay for the entirety of the lease up-front.

This prevents any paper trail from forming, significantly reducing the risk of getting caught for their crimes of passion.