NYC Launches New War against Rats

The New York City is going to launch a new war against rats. It is said that the target of the city would be rat reservoirs- city parks, sewers, subways- areas where rodent population survives and thrives.  A senior official of the city council said that “the rats’ problem in the Manhattan Valley neighborhood is epidemic”. He further opined that the city will appoint new inspectors and spend $600,000 to reduce the rat’s population.
No doubt, it is good news for those people who used to complain about the rodents.  A person living in the Manhattan Valley said that “one day I was walking during the time of morning and saw more than 6 rats running here and there”. Another resident complained that “I see more than 20 rats in the Washington heights and they are like small dogs”.
Lastly, people have complained that rats have infested their attic and they are supposed to be a big threat to infant children”.