Pediatrician Defined

In this video, you will learn about local pediatricians. Pediatricians do a lot of things. They have their own patients, and they also see other patients.

Video Source

She worked for CPS. Now, she does not believe parents who have children that come in wth injuries. There is technology now that can show you what happened. She advocates for children. In her patient population, some of the families are low-income. They have to be that voice here. Trauma is trauma. There is accidental trauma and nonaccidental trauma. She gets involved when people are concerned that it was nonaccidental trauma. When something happens but no one knows what happens, she gets involved. If the story changes, that is concerning. A nonaccidental trauma case is tricky. People who want to get more involved in pediatrics should consider a specialization. You can specialize in so many things. You can do dermatology. YOu won’t know what you want to do until you really get into it. The most important thing is that you want to think about your motives. What motivates you to want to work in pediatrics? If it is changing lives, this is a good career for you. Keep watching this video for more information.