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Research Shows Link Between Marijuana Use and Sexual Dysfunction Issues

Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men across the United States. In fact, according to a study published by the Cleveland Clinic, approximately 40% of U.S. men over the age of 40 years old are affected by erectile dysfunction. There are dozens of things that contribute to ED including stress, poor sleeping habits, unhealthy diet, and potentially even marijuana.

Medicinal cannabis has been on the rise over the last few years and will seemingly be available in all parts of the country in the near future. Similarly, recreational use is on the rise as well. In 2016 alone, the market value for fluorescent hydroponics grow lights amounted to approximately $50 million.

As medicinal and recreational marijuana becomes increasingly popular across the country, however, more and more studies are being done outlining the possible impact cannabis has on sexual function.

According to Brain Blogger, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana, can impact the sections of a person’s brain that control memory, concentration, focus, thinking, coordination, and more. Indulging in too much THC can often evoke some unpleasant side effects ike distorted thinking, lethargy, increased appetite, low inhibitions, delayed learning, memory loss, and clumsiness — but all of these side effects are temporary.

Sexual dysfunctions, however, aren’t temporary and can last much longer. THC can negatively affect gentle function and even lead to premature ejaculation issues. This occurs because THC boosts dopamine levels inside the body, which regulates a person’s mood and emotions. If you’re constantly used to feeling such high levels of dopamine due to increased marijuana use, you’ll find your natural dopamine levels will be far less and you won’t be able to achieve or maintain erections.

Similarly, conventional tobacco smoking has already been linked to ED issues in men. According to Refinery29, since smoking cigarettes causes blood vessels to constrict, it can lead to blood flow difficulties in the genitalia and result in difficulty obtaining and maintaining an erection.

As far as marijuana usage is concerned, there has yet to be a single answer across the board when it comes to impacting sexual dysfunction.

Recently, on an international scale, a La Trobe University study interviewed 8,000 Australian men and women between the ages of 16 and 64 years old. The study was done in hopes of determining how marijuana affects sexual function. The researchers found that males who use marijuana at least once a day are actually four times more likely to have orgasm issues and are three times more likely to experience premature ejaculations.

Similarly, another study on the link between marijuana and sexual dysfunctions found that cannabis is actually related to lower testosterone levels and causes an inability to achieve organisms.

Additional research is still needed to better identify whether or not cannabis undoubtedly impacts sexual performance in both men and women. Ultimately, individuals should consult with their doctors about both sexual dysfunction issues and marijuana consumption.