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Tech Innovations Improving Wind Turbine Efficiencies Across the Globe

Steam turbines have been in operation since the 1880s for electricity production. Across the globe, the steam turbine market projects the industry to surpass revenues of $32 billion by 2024.

According to World Coal, an increasing focus toward expansion of power generation capacity and resurgent economic growth across major nations will fuel growth within the sector.

Though the steam turbine industry remains essential for global power generation, wind turbine farms are gaining popularity, as well in other parts of the world. According to TechXPlore, a new superconducting device has made its way to a wind turbine swamp in Denmark.

A previously installed permanent magnet generator is being replaced with the new innovate superconductor, leading to massive improvements in wind power generation. Turbine farms in France, Germany, and the Netherlands have all adopted various forms of superconductors, as well.

The “Permanent Magnet Out — Superconductor In” project is extremely energy-efficient and can end up saving energy plants a significant amount of money.

“[The superconductor] vastly reduced material usage contributes to making this technology highly competitive to conventional machinery,” said a project spokesperson. “The switch means that it’s possible to build lighter, smaller wind turbines that are less dependent on expensive rare earth elements. This means that the price tag of turbines could fall and, in turn, cut energy costs.”

Additionally, according to Business Wire, another innovation is helping the wind turbine industry, as well: a turbine slip ring with a universal-hole pattern for different generator types.

The LTN SC168 is a low-maintenance slip ring with high-quality contact technology, providing reliable and cost-effective strategies for major wind turbine manufacturers across the globe. This ring is suitable for multi-megawatt turbines with electric pitch systems and is designed to be affordable, compact, and non-invasive.

As more innovations find their way into the turbine sector, the global energy market remains in good standing.