The Yankees Beat the Red Sox, and the Fans are Hurting in More Ways Than One


Walk into any hospital and you’ll find a variety of fans: AC fans, exhaust fans, fans to cool the IT equipment, and laminar fans (a fan that can circulate as fast as 300 times per hour!). But — baseball fans?

That’s been increasingly the case at hospitals near Fenway Park, as the summer has seen a rash of injuries among Boston Red Sox Fans.

On the night of the Yankees’ away game at Boston’s Fenway Park, a Red Sox fan sustained serious injuries after reaching for a foul ball in the seventh inning. His attempt failed and he fell backwards into a cement walkway.

According to the New York Times, emergency medical personnel treated him for a concussion, and then he was wheeled away to the hospital.

To add insult to injury, the Yankees beat the Red Sox with a five-point advantage, scoring a total of eight home runs. This win concludes their all-too successful road trip, which saw a total of five wins and only one loss.

Just this summer, three more fans have been injured at Red Sox games. Only a week before, a woman was hit in the elbow with a baseball bat, but sustained no serious injuries. In June, a splintered bat hit another woman, leading to life-threatening injuries, and yet another individual was hit with a foul ball.

When it comes to rivalries, none has been more strong and vocal than the rivalry between Boston Red Sox fans and New York Yankee fans that’s over a century old. With these injuries stacking up, perhaps this gives the Yankees yet another leg up on the competition — namely, their fans’ dedication doesn’t land them in the hospital.

Luckily, none of these Fenway injuries have resulted in deaths, but clearly, the safety measures at Fenway Park need to be improved — at least that’s what Yankees supporters are saying.