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A New Way To Do Luxury Housing In The Hamptons


The tiny house movement has taken the U.S. by storm. Now it’s infiltrating the luxury market — particularly in the Hamptons area of Long Island, New York. Loosely defined as building fully functional homes measuring 1,400 square feet or less, the tiny home movement began as a cost- and energy-saving venture. Tiny houses emerged in all parts of the U.S., thanks to the Internet and the widespread availability of designs and floor plans, but — until now — they have been most common in remote areas. Creating high-end tiny homes fitting of the Hamptons, however, is the latest venture of fashion design and entrepreneur Christopher Burch.

Currently, there are three tiny home models on the market designed by Burch. (Burch is also a proponent of piecemeal or plug-and-play housing that looks identical and is able to conveniently and economically accommodate a lot of people.) The homes are “all built as single modules and designed so as to be easily transportable by flatbed truck” and measure either 12 x 40 feet or 8 x 20 feet, according to the New York Times. The prices range between $75,000 and $95,000.

Similarly, all units are “made of steel that can withstand winds of up to 150 miles an hour,” are “insulated so as to require minimal air-conditioning or heating,” and “have several environmental features, such as LED lighting and nontoxic materials,” the New York Times continues.

Moreover, Burch assures would-be buyers that the homes will not be an eyesore. Burch is fully aware of the aesthetics, styles, and homeowner preferences that drive 40% of homeowners to take on renovation projects at any given time. Luxury features typical of Hampton homes; cedar siding, pitched roofs, white lacquer cabinetry, cerused oak flooring, and bathrooms with marble mosaic tiles are just a few of the finishing touches that can be applied to any of these upscale tiny home units.