How Screen Room Enclosure Builders Improve Homes

If you enjoy fresh air but don’t love other aspects of being outdoors, you may be interested in a screen room. Screen room enclosure builders install rooms that are the perfect transition between indoor spaces and the great outdoors. These rooms are functionally screened porches, and they allow you to enjoy the fresh air and sights associated with being outside without being bothered by insects or pests of any kind.

Video Source

In the video posted here, a patio installer showcases a screen room enclosure his team built over an existing patio. The patio floor is made from stamped concrete, which provides a non-slip texture and a beautiful design. The walls of the room are made from aluminum with high-quality screens. They allow ample light and fresh air into the room while keeping bugs and debris out.

The room includes a door to the outside so it still functions as a transition space from the house to the yard. It also features a durable metal roof. Since it is made mostly from metal, it is exceptionally durable and easy to maintain.

If you’re interested in installing a room like this, contact screen room enclosure builders in your area to learn more about what they can do for your property.