How the Gastric Balloon Surgery Helps With Weightloss

Weight loss is a common struggle for many people across the world. They try different diet and exercise programs but are unable to make any progress. There might be some hesitancy, but considering weight loss surgery might be an effective treatment. In this video, you will learn about one surgery, in particular, gastric balloon surgery.

The gastric balloon is designed to fit comfortably in the stomach.

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The purpose of the surgery is for the balloon to take up space in your stomach. Ideally, it will trick your brain into thinking your stomach is full, which in turn will result in the person consuming less food during meals, and feeling less hungry in between. It is considered a less invasive option compared to other weight-loss surgeries. The balloon is typically designed to stay in the patient’s stomach for around 6 months. It isn’t a permanent procedure, but there is a post-operative program that should be followed as well. .