What Is an Assisted Living Facility Really Like?

As our parents get older, we are faced with the difficult choice of entering them into a nursing home or luxury assisted living service. In this video, you will learn a bit more about assisted living homes, and why they make a great option for your loved one.

The video begins with discussing the care that each person on staff has for their patients at a luxury assisted living service. The employees need to be exemplary humans, and show each senior citizen dignity, passion, and love, and treat them as if they are family.

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The work truly begins with the housekeepers, making sure the facility is clean and that all of the patients have everything they need to start their day.

Another very important aspect of a luxury assisted living center is the activities that they offer. The video shows the lifestyle director, who discusses some of the activities they plan for the seniors. This facility offers crafts, trips to local markets, and physical activities for the seniors to enjoy.

A luxury assisted living also has a fully staffed kitchen to produce meals for the residents. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dining area.

The most important thing for any assisted living facility is the care they give to their residents.