Things to Look at When Apartment Hunting in NYC

Before you make the ultimate decision to move your life into a new apartment, you need to conduct a thorough assessment to make sure that everything is clean and safe. It’s prudent to consider an apartment deployment of an apartment inspection. This apartment inspection should take place before you sign your lease agreement.

This inspection mitigates instances of disputes with your landlord in the future regarding the condition of the property and provides you with a safer and more pleasant place to live. It’s advisable to put together a checklist to identify any imminent issues with mold, dirt, vermin, or other damage forms.

Some states in the United States of America advocate using a landlord-Tenant Checklist by law, but it is also wise to employ it even if it is not technically required by law. Conduct a review of the apartment’s basic features and areas such as heating, lighting and ventilation, plumbing, trash, and garbage disposal, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers to avert any fire damage cases.

Regardless of your situation, worry no more because your NYC rental search will ensure that you safeguard yourself against any imminent scams by working with a reputable broker to avert any regrets in the future, mitigating the chances of seeking services of an attorney in case disagreements ensues between you and your landlord or property manager. This article will elaborate on things to look for in an NYC apartment.


These are sneaky places when it comes to problems. With pipes being concealed inside cabinets, it’s sometimes challenging to notice a leak. Issues with grout and tile cracks can be small when you move to the room but quickly worsens when you completely move in.

Out of all the rooms in any given apartment, this is one of the most sensitive areas which deserves a very close inspection. If there is any problem with your bathroom, it’s prudent to engage the services of a reputable bathroom remodeling services company to rectify the prevailing problem.

If your apartment possesses a bathtub, stand in it and assess its sturdiness by moving around it safely. Check whether there is any flooring damage or mold underneath. Ensure that the water runs smoothly out of the tub faucet and the drain closes when you want to undertake an actual bath.

Start by turning on the water and check whether the temperature heats up in expected sufficient time. Leave the water running to determine how long before you lose hot water. Scrutinize the water pressure if it meets your personal needs, and it is devoid of excessive dripping after you turn it off. Ensure that the water looks clear and clean and drain properly to eliminate probable body acne chances. Assess the tiles and grout for any presence of mold and chips.

Flushing your toilet will indicate if it is functioning properly. Ensure that the bowl is refiling perfectly and quickly, and it should stop running in expected sufficient time. Lift the lid on the back of the toilet to ensure that nothing is broken or damaged. Check whether the seat is sturdy to avert snaping and sniff for the foul stench. Through the assistance of reputable plumbers, you can confirm if your plumbing system within your toilet is fit and functional to be utilized for the rest of your lease period.

Electrical outlets

Ensure that every plugin in the apartment function well. By plugging something small like a nightlight into every outlet will assess its functionality. Ensure that you do not smell anything either. Look out for burns around outlets and cracks in the covers.

Window and doors.

Rub your hand gently along the framing of each door and window to detect the leaks or any presence of gulp. Inspect any insulation for crevices or prickliness. Conduct an assessment to determine whether you can see the light through any cracks in a closed-door as this is an indication of poor insulation.

Open and close the window and doors to ascertain that they are working properly. Ensure also all doors and windows lock completely, and they are secure when you pull on them. Never move in an apartment that has windows that do not lock properly. In the case of this problem, you can engage the window installers‘ services to rectify the problem.


Inspect all floor and carpet areas, including behind and corners of any furniture, for stains or holes. Get down and assess for any pet or other form of smells. Tug on some of the carpeting and floorboard edges to ascertain if they come up too easily.

Check around for unconventional installed floor nails that have penetrated up. If there is any plight with your flooring in your apartment, you can rectify it by engaging the services of flooring contractors to undertake a renovation to avert regret in the future.


Inspect all the stripping around the doors to ensure that they are properly sealed. If there is a loose or dry sealing, they must get fixed. Open and close the doors and feel the inside the fridge and freezer to ascertain they are cold enough.

Be on the lookout for missing or creviced trays and shelves. Conduct testing for the ice not only ensures proper functioning but also that the ice cubes smell and taste right.

Heating and air-conditioning.

Inspect your water heater and the HVAC unit. With the furnace or air on, put your hand over the vent and check both the temperature and pressure. Check if there is water pooling in the water heater tray.

Inspect all the hoses and check around for any possible leaks or water damage. Remove the HVAC filter and ascertain if it needs replacement. If it’s white in color, it’s clean, but it represents dirt if it bears a grey color. Conducting an HVAC repair in your apartment is crucial to avert any malfunctioning and stressful moments in the future.


Suppose your apartment possesses an inbuilt laundry section; it’s essential to inspect the washer and the dryer. Ensure that you check if all the hoses and exhausts are well attached and functioning properly.

Look for any blockages and check that the lint trap in the dryer is in perfect condition. Start each of the appliances to find out if they are working. Look out for mold and water stains, checking chances of any smells.

Utility closet.

Many people forget this unit when they are settling in a new apartment. In case it’s locked, insist on your property manager, opening it up for you to inspect. If anything malfunctions in there, you will experience major issues with your apartment in the future.


Conduct thorough scouting around the kitchen. Open the fridge and freezer to ascertain the available space is inside, if both are cold enough, or if there’s any frost build-up in the freezer. Please turn on the stove and oven, too, and later you put them off. Later give it a couple of minutes to find out if the oven heats up as expected. Inquire from the landlord if he will replace the old appliances when your new lease commences.

If your apartment possesses some inbuilt appliances, ensure that you have closely inspected them with utmost keenness. For inbuilt microwaves, confirm that the door closes all the way and is operating correctly.
Ensure that the dishwasher is devoid of any leaks or odd odors. Ascertain that all recessed lighting works perfectly.

Conduct the opening and closing of every door and drawer to determine if they are loose or squeaks, ensuring they are flushing on their hinges. Check every cabinet and drawer for any chances of animal droppings. Inspect for any cracks and signs of water damage.

Turn on the water taps and also check the water pressure. Ensure that the hot water gets hot, and the cold water gets cold as expected. Turn on the garbage disposal within the sink system(with water on) for at least fifteen seconds and listen to find out if the sound is smooth and consistent. Check around the base of the sink and underneath for any imminent water damage or crevices.


Carry scrutiny under the sink to ascertain that the storage area is clean and dry and nothing is blocking its access. Check any probable signs of rodents or insects. Cabinets designated for medicine should be open and close easily, and shelves should seem secure and clean. Ascertain the strength of the shelves of any built-ins.

Inspect common spaces.

Check whether the building’s entryway, lobby, elevators, staircases, and hallways are clean and well-maintained. Scrutinize if the garbage is piling up in or around the garbage designated area. A clean apartment is easy to spot and possessing a live-in super backup.

Take measurements

To shun a probable meltdown, ensure that everything you possess fits through the apartment’s front door, hallway, around any corners, and in its notable rooms. Grab a notebook or note-taking app handy, and write down your furniture measurements before visiting an apartment. In some cases, rental houses possess a strange layout, and you have to be sure that the measurements work for what you ready own.

Scope out outlets and locate lights

This is something you likely won’t even ponder about until unpacked boxes surround you with a plugin in your hand. When searching for a potential apartment, be cautious of where and the number of outlets are there in each room. Another thing you might want to undertake is taking a phone charger with you to conduct testing on all of the outlets.

Cable hookups

Ascertain that all cable, internet and fibre optic outlets are in superb condition, not blocked and in the apartment areas where you require them. If the apartment possesses a satellite dish, check that it’s secure and there is no leakage or holes around the connection to the unit.

Smoke detectors

Ensure smoke detectors exist in each bedroom and accessible, by the front door and by the kitchen. Test them to ensure they all functioning properly. Inquire from your landlord when the last period the batteries were replaced and the probable age of each of the smoke detector gadgets.

Batteries ought to get replaced annually, and the entire device should get replaced every ten years. Establish if fire extinguishers and radon detectors are accessible within the apartment, and make sure they are operating perfectly to combat any unexpected eventuality like fire.


Put on all lights in all rooms to make sure that everything works smartly. Scout for cracks or burnout marks close to light fixtures and deep-set lighting. Ask your property owner to substitute any burnt-out bulbs before you settle in, especially if the fixture is difficult to reach devoid of a ladder. That is a job for maintenance, not your task.


Check to make sure the temperature readings indicated on the thermostat appliance are commensurate to that of the room temperature. Conduct examination in other rooms to see if the temperature is consistent throughout the apartment.

Put on the heat, and scrutinize vents for heated air. Then conduct the same assessment for the air conditioning. If the apartment owns a radiator for heat or a window unit for A/C, check those, as well.

Blinds and shades

Assess each set of blinds, shades, or curtains for damage or holes. Open and close blinds and shades to make sure they are operating well.

Porches, decks, and walkways

No matter what kind of exterior elements you possess, it’s prudent to check all wood and concrete for imminent cracks and water damage. Carry an assessment around gates, fences, and posts for stability and safety concerns. Scout around for branches that are in danger of falling on your property.