Preventative Maintenance for an Elevator

Elevators are an essential part of buildings; they eliminate the tiring task of going up flights of stairs and carry individuals and goods. Therefore, it is important that elevators have a preventative maintenance plan so no one is stuck in or hurt by one. These complex machines are talked about in this video, from their upkeep to their licenses that are subject to the technical standards and safety act. The types of elevators, hydraulic and traction, are well explained with points made on how they work and should be taken care of by certified elevator mechanics. A detailed guide on the maintenance of an elevator is shown including the processes and documents signed when an elevator is serviced or repaired.

Video Source

The daily tasks that can be performed by staff members who aren’t well-versed in elevator maintenance, like checking door sensors, oil leakages, abnormal sounds, unsound handles or burnt-out lights, and many more are all mentioned in this video. Who to report to should problems arise is also talked about. Ultimately, this video is a great way of learning what’s needs to be done to ensure the safety and functionality of a building’s elevator.